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Learn more about our fertility technology treatments and how you too can fulfill your life-long dream of bringing a baby into your life! 

Our mission is to help aspiring parents find the path that will lead them to their baby with the highest chances of success, in the least amount of time

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This is how we can help you become a mom

Ingenes offers different programs and treatments tailored for each person, according to their fertility diagnosis and any previous history of attempts.

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Learn more about the different scenarios we handle:
Take an in-depth look at our available options for couples who wish to become parents. 
We want to have a baby
If you and your partner are both women who wish to share the experience of motherhood, Ingenes has a special plan designed for both of you!
Partner-assisted reproduction
If you wish to become a mother on your own, we have different options for you!
I wish to have a baby on my own
If you’ve undergone tubal ligation and wish to have a baby, we can help you!
post-tubal ligation options

Fertility preservation programs

We understand the importance of having the power to choose when to begin your motherhood, keeping this in mind, we offer options to preserve your fertility by freezing eggs and/or sperm.

Learn more about our fertility preservation options and how you can put a halt to your biological clock.

Egg freezingSperm freezing

Become an egg or sperm donor

Donation of gametes (eggs and sperm) is an altruistic, and voluntary act that is handled discretely, and anonymously, this support allows thousands of people to conceive a baby of their own.

Ingenes’ donation program: DonaVida, is regulated by the highest international standards.

If you wish to help people become parents, find out more about how you can become a donor!
I want to donate eggsI want to donate sperm

Are you pregnant and looking for prenatal care?

(Currently only available in Mexico bandera de México, icono mexico)

Prenatal care is crucial to bring a pregnancy to full-term in good health for both you and your baby.

If you are currently pregnant (with the help of an Assisted Reproduction treatment, or not) we invite you to learn more about our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit, which is fully equipped with the most advanced technologies and a dedicated team of experts in the fields of prenatal care.

Maternal Fetal Unit

Additional services

We offer supplementary services at an additional cost, these services can be added to your Assisted Reproductive technology treatment for added peace of mind and precision.

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