Sperm freezing

Sperm preservation is the best option for men who, like you, seek to postpone their paternity for the exact moment, and thus trace any life plan they imagine.

What is sperm freezing or seminal cryopreservation?

It is the storage and freezing of sperm to preserve their reproductive potential, and that they can be used in the future, to have a baby whenever you want.

Sperm Freezing: How does it work?

Our programs to freeze sperm allow us to preserve them in their most optimal state under strict laboratory standards, through the following steps:

Blood tests: To rule out infections such as HIV, Hepatitis or Syphilis.
Sample collection: We will ask you to collect between 1 and 3 semen samples.
Sperm freezing: By means of the technique of Freezing in Pearls or Freezing in Vapors.
Storage: At Ingenes nitrogen banks.
Report: Indicates the number and quantity of the samples in receipt.

Who can choose to freeze their sperm?

Fertility preservation through sperm freezing is useful and recommended for men who:

  • They want to have a vasectomy and have the option of saving their sperm in case they want to have children in the future.
  • Have a diagnosis of cancer or who are about to start some oncological treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • Require some treatment that impacts their reproductive capacity.
  • With progressive deterioration of their spermatozoa.
  • With extremely low sperm count.
  • They experience difficulties in obtaining semen for Assisted Reproduction treatments.

If you have questions or want more information on how to preserve your fertility by freezing sperm, contact your PBB guide or advisor (Planning your baby), at the Ingenes branch of your choice.

Parenthood is a decision, take it whenever you want

Once your life plan includes the arrival of a baby, the first step you should take is to go to your Initial Program, with which you will obtain a complete fertility diagnosis, and the doctor who will lead your case will talk to you about the different options to achieve it in the shortest possible time.

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