6 de September, 2023

“The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit saved my babies”

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and meaningful stages in a woman's life. However, for mothers who have experienced a high-risk pregnancy, the path to motherhood can be overwhelming and full of uncertainties. This is where Maternal-Fetal Medicine comes in.

From medical complications to emotional fears and insecurities, mothers in these situations need all the support and attention they can get. 

Over the last few decades, Maternal-Fetal Medicine has been a branch of medicine comprised of a team of professionals dedicated to providing the best possible care for mothers and babies in high-risk situations.

With their dedication, expertise, and passion for what they do, these doctors and specialists have helped thousands of women overcome the challenges presented by these pregnancies.

This is the story of Marlene, who at 13 weeks into her twin pregnancy, faced complications but tackled adversity with the support of specialists.

Marlene's babies at the park

“Both in my family and my husband's family, there were histories of infertility”

I was at a point in my career where I wanted to change jobs and pursue a Master's degree. We had many plans, but my husband first suggested the idea of starting a family. 

Both in my family and my husband's family, there were histories of infertility. We weren't in a rush to get pregnant, but we were worried that we might also face infertility issues like our families had.

When you decide to become a mother, you realize the commitment and sacrifice that it entails. You discover a love that you never knew before, one that is different from the love you have for your husband or parents; it's something beautiful and new.

"They told me it was difficult for my babies to make it"

I remember going to my gynecologist, and she told me everything was fine. I didn't take long to get pregnant with twins, and everything was going smoothly until I had that bleeding at 13 weeks.

The procedure recommended to me is normal when there's a risk of miscarriage, but in my case, it was too early in my pregnancy, and they told me it would be difficult for my babies to make it.

I decided to seek a second opinion, and that's how I ended up at the institute - in a wheelchair, with heavy bleeding, and no hope. Despite the fear, I found unique human warmth and was given a lot of confidence. If I hadn't come here, my children probably wouldn't have been born.


“In the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit, they supported me to continue my pregnancy”

I was able to conceive naturally, and we had the idea that the institute was only a fertility clinic, but I found out that it goes beyond that. In the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit, they supported me to continue my pregnancy without any setbacks and ensure my twins were born healthy and strong.

Now, in addition to my children, I am 17 weeks pregnant. Here, I have the envelope that indicates the sex of my baby, but I will wait to open it with my family. I am very excited, I don't know if there will be blue balloons or pink balloons, although everyone is expecting it to be a girl.

I celebrate becoming a mother again, a role that completely changed my life. Your children become the center of your universe and the most beautiful commitment. It is there when you discover that new love, and you simply feel that your life is complete.”

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit is here for you

The process of becoming a mother is long and goes through different stages that are usually not easy. However, with the company of your loved ones and highly trained specialists, everything can be possible for you to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

If you, like Marlene, have encountered obstacles during your pregnancy, do not hesitate to approach Ingenes. Share your story with us by clicking here!

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