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"I have ovarian cysts and knew getting pregnant wouldn't be easy”

The desire to have a child is one of the deepest and most emotional longings a person can experience. However, for some women, this dream may be more complex to achieve due to the presence of ovarian cysts.

Cysts can affect a woman's fertility in various ways and can make the process of conception a path with many obstacles. Nevertheless, medical and technological advancements are a solution to this.

This is the story of Jorley, with whom we will explore the impact ovarian cysts can have on a woman's ability to have a baby, as well as the emotions that can arise as a result of this situation.

Jorley, Ingenes mother

“My whole life was focused on having a baby, even with ovarian cysts”

“I have cysts and knew getting pregnant wouldn't be easy, but that was a terrible harrowing situation. 

I met my husband in the United States, and he already had 3 children, but from the first date, I told him that I wanted to have babies, two or three, and I couldn't be with someone who years later told me they didn't want children.

We started trying, and I got pregnant. We went for an ultrasound after 2 months, and there was nothing. No sound. It was the worst moment of my life.

After that, we kept trying; I did all the treatments, read all the books, stopped doing hot yoga because I read it affected conception and completely changed my diet. My whole life was focused on having a baby.

Ingenes parents celebrating

"We were excited, but not too much because we weren't sure what would happen”

In 2016, I underwent surgery for cysts for the second time; they had grown too much, and doctors said it was very dangerous. 

I went from clinic to clinic in the United States, paying significant amounts, but no one gave me any assurance. My parents lived in Mexico, so I went there.

I went to the institute and underwent the process with a Multi-cycle Program of 3 cycles. It was very tough, first the injections to ovulate, then the procedure, more injections to retain it, and all the emotions that come with it... but I always thought about my baby.

My husband was in the United States and traveled sometimes, but my family was there, and that was a blessing. We were excited, but not too much because we weren't sure what would happen.

Ingenes parents after birth

"I heard the most beautiful sound of my entire life"

The day they called me from the institute, I didn't want to answer the call. When I did, they told me, 'Jorley, you're going to be a mom.' My soul burst with happiness, but I had to go listen to their heartbeat, and I felt terrified.

When I went, I cried so much, I didn't want them to examine me, I was going crazy with what had happened years before, I was trembling, I didn't want to see the ultrasound and not hear that sound, I didn't want to go through all that pain again... but I heard it, I heard the most beautiful sound of my entire life, those drums that go so fast, you can't contain the happiness in your chest.

Barbara Rose - Ingenes baby

“I would wait a lifetime to hold her in my arms”

I had a very beautiful pregnancy, with lots of cravings, I ate all the time and slept with a jar of peanut butter next to me. My baby girl is 1 and a half months old, she is a very strong and beautiful girl, I would wait a lifetime to hold her in my arms.

Her name is Barbara Rose, after my maternal grandmother. She passed away in 2017 and we were very close, my mommy, I'm sure put her hands on my belly and blessed it.

I want to tell all women who are looking to have a baby not to give up, to do everything to achieve their dream, that everything is worth it."

Do you have ovarian cysts and want to have a baby?

If you, like Jorley, live with ovarian cysts, don't give up. There are many possibilities for you to fulfill your dream of becoming a mother through different assisted reproductive alternatives.

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