I want to have a baby with my female partner

If you are looking to be moms together, we offer you multiple alternatives to achieve it with the help of science and Assisted Reproduction.

Your age, an essential factor to conceive

As you know, age is an essential factor in your reproductive health, since the quantity and quality decrease over time, as a natural process of life.

Because of that, if you have already made the decision to be moms, you can’t waste more time, and it is recommended to go to Human Reproduction specialists, who are trained to provide you with the ideal treatment to conceive.

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The first step to having your baby: 
Evaluate your reproductive health

If you have come this far, it means you are committed to your dream of having a baby with your partner, which is vital to start this journey.

But, before choosing any treatment it is necessary to consider the reproductive health of both of you, in order to obtain an accurate fertility diagnosis.

How you can get your fertility diagnosis?

Our team of fertility specialists, made up of expert doctors and scientists, will evaluate your case and carry out some initial tests.

Once you both get your diagnosis, your specialist will talk to you about the treatment options you have to obtain the best chance of becoming moms.

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Assisted Reproduction Treatments to have your baby

Current science allows us to offer you different treatments, always considering the particularities of your case, your medical history, and the previous attempts you have had.

ROPA Method to share your maternity

Assisted Reproduction is the way for couples of women to have a baby 100% of both, through the method known as ROPA: Receiving Oocytes from the Couple.

How does it work?

The ROPA Method is performed in a similar way to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), meaning, a technique to develop an embryo using a woman’s egg, or sperm from a donor, and then place it in the womb of the partner to obtain her DNA.

Multicycle Programs to have your baby with the ROPA Method

At Ingenes, we have perfected this method to offer greater chances of success reaching up to 96% with 4 different In Vitro Fertilization cycles in the same treatment.
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National sperm bank included in your ROPA Method

As part of your treatment, you will have the use of our own sperm bank, with which we guarantee excellent control of the processes with each of the samples, and under the standards of International organizations, such as World Health Organization.

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Extra services for a better result

To help you have greater peace of mind and security that we’ll fulfill your dream of sharing your maternity as a couple, we offer you additional services at an extra cost, in order to obtain a great result.

Sex Selection (Eligender®): Technique that will allow you to have a baby of the sex you want to, with 99% effectiveness.
Implementation Score: Identification of embryos with greater implementation potencial.
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: Embryonic DNA test to identify alterations.
Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis: Detection of genetic or chromosome abnormalities.
International Sperm Bank: We offer you more options to choose your ideal donor.

Ingenes moms and our more than 
50,000 stars lowered from the sky

For more than 16 years, a lot of women have chosen to share their maternity with the help of the ROPA Method and our team of specialists. Here you’re going to find their stories:

“When I accepted that I was gay, I assumed that I was never going to be a mom, changing that paradigm in my head was another process. The entire process with the ROPA method was uncomfortable, but the desire to have a baby was greater. We ALL have the right to have a family”.
Meet Marilú and Karla
“Maybe our family is not “normal”, but it has as much love as anyone’s. My partner and I were 8 years together when we talked about having a baby… We did it on our second try!”
Meet Guadalupe and her wife

Take your first step now to having your baby with our Initial Program

If you already decided on, you need to know that we can help you to achieve it.

Come and schedule your appointment to get your diagnosis and know your options to having a baby.

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