26 de March, 2023

"I had my baby at 49 thanks to egg donation."

Egg donation is one of the alternatives Assisted Reproduction offers to individuals who wish to have babies and are struggling with infertility problems. 

It involves the use of eggs donated by a young and healthy woman who has undergone a series of tests to ensure that she does not suffer from infectious or genetic diseases. The eggs are extracted through a surgical procedure and fertilized in the laboratory

When is egg donation used?

This procedure is performed when a woman is unable to produce eggs of sufficient quality to achieve pregnancy, either due to health issues, advanced age or because the mother has undergone chemotherapy or radiation treatments that have affected her fertility.

Through this alternative, Rocío fulfilled her dream of becoming a mother. This is the story of how egg donation is a 100% safe option for achieving pregnancy after 40.

Rocío expecting her baby

"I felt like time was winning the battle."

"I was told that in order to become a mother, I would have to resort to egg donation and many things go through your mind: 'Are they not my children? How does that work?'

Since 2010, I have been trying to have a baby, went to two clinics, and had a two-year treatment, with no results. A friend told me about the Institute, and I arrived feeling discouraged, over 40 years old, and like time was winning the battle.
From the beginning, I was told that there weren't many possibilities, but I could do it with egg donation. The decision took me some time, but in the end, I made it.


"I was thinking: 'I love my baby, I can't give up now!'"

During the process, I had moments of encouragement and discouragement, but the second attempt was successful. It filled me with happiness, but also with anxiety. My pregnancy was delicate, I had a threatened abortion and needed to rest... but I thought: 'I love my baby, I can't give up now!'.

The egg donation made me think about it. The sperm is from my partner and also lives in me, and grows in me. It's your child because you feel it, touch it, and experience it... There were moments when I thought I was going to lose it, it's my child and I fought hard to have it.

Around the seventh month, my water broke and he was born underweight, but Carlos is perfect, he gave us a lot of happiness. When he was born, I was 49 years old and wanted another baby.

On the day of the test, my chances were very low, but the doctor told me to continue with the treatment, that I was very pregnant, it made my day! A new hope.


"Whether with your own eggs or with donated eggs, it's the same."

Everything went well with Branco, my pregnancy was very different, everything was perfect, but they told me to take it easy. He came early again and was premature. At birth, it took him a while to cry... those 30 seconds were an eternity.

Don't give up on that dream, once you set your mind to achieve it, whether with your own eggs or with donated eggs, it's the same: They are your children. They carry my blood, it's a dream that came true for me.

Here they grew up, where they were born, and they are completely mine. I am the happiest woman in the world."

If your dream, like Rocío's, is to start a family, egg donation could be an alternative for you.

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