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What happens during the waiting for my beta results?

Here, we will tell you what can happen during the waiting for the beta pregnancy test results after the embryo transfer. Also, here are some tips to make the waiting period as unproblematic as possible for you. 

We know how difficult it can be to keep calm waiting for that call from your doctor. However, you need to know that it is a process in which only experts can guide you.  

Getting a positive result in your beta pregnancy test depends on a diverse number of factors, including the capacity of the embryo to implant inside the uterus. It is important to remember that no In Vitro Fertilization cycle is guaranteed and it's essential to maintain realistic expectations. Nevertheless, your dream of becoming a mother can come true. 

Some symptoms you can present while waiting for your beta results

Keeping in mind that all bodies are diverse, you have to remember that signs and symptoms can vary. Even one woman can feel different discomforts in her other pregnancies. 

If you don't present these symptoms, it does not mean that the implantation has not been successful. These symptoms could be the cause of a possible pregnancy or the given medication during the treatment. 

  1. Vaginal discharge: 

It can be abundant in the first days after the embryo transfer, caused by the taken progesterone and the high hormone levels. 

  1. Bleeding

In patches, as the days go by, they will disappear, due to the cannulation of the cervix.

  1. Breasts changes: 

Size variation often occurs, as well as similar pain to the premenstrual syndrome, thanks to the high hormone levels. 

  1. Fatigue:

The patient could feel extremely tired and need to sleep more than usual. 

  1. Nausea: 

Due to the high hormone levels.

  1. Constant urge to urinate: 

This happens because of the presence of the hCG hormone. And this is possible because of the pregnancy or the administration of injections. 

  1. Moderate abdominal pain:

Both in the belly and lumbar area. It occurs because of hormones and ovarian stimulation. 

These are some examples of what you could experience after embryo transfer. However, if you feel something is not going well and requires special care, you need to call on an expert. 

  • Rest: avoid activities that involve physical effort or extreme sport. 
  • Drink enough water: for the observation of urine and constant hydration. 
  • No sexual relationships: to make sure you do not get any infection. Masturbation is also not recommended. 
  • Avoid pools, jacuzzis, or any kind of immersion in water bodies: also in order to prevent infections and possibly influence the medication previously administrated.  
  • Strict adherence to treatment: do not take any type of medicine that your doctor has not approved. It is recommended to strictly follow the indicated dosage and schedule. 

Some extra tips… 


The waiting period for the results of the beta pregnancy test lasts about 10 or 15 days, and it is true that is not about an easy phase to endure. But you have to know that anticipating and trying with a drugstore pregnancy test will not give you reliable results. 

The pregnancy hormone, hCG, progressively increases. That is why trying early risks not having enough levels to test positive in the in-home pregnancy test. What would lead us to a false negative. It is important to follow your doctors indications. 

On the other hand, remember that rest is very important. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to stop doing your daily routine, as long as they do not demand high levels of physical effort. 

If it is possible and necessary, give yourself a week off, but do not refrain from normal activities. 

As for the emotional part, validate any kind of feeling you may have. It is not about pausing your emotions, but to find a balance that makes you feel good about yourself and your process. 

Look for support from your loved ones and experts. If you feel it necessary, ask for help from a pischotherapy professional or from the center where you are being having your Assisted Reproduction process. 

Trust your body and be kind to yourself. What your are going through requires a huge physical and emotional change that needs patience and a lot of love. 

Is becoming a mother your dream? 

Technology and medical progess have done the embryo transfer and In Vitro Fertilization possible. However, highgly specialized and multidisciplinary care is required. 

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