27 de May, 2024

Women don't give up... on being moms

Can women mix their personal, work and family life?

It may seem like a challenge, but not everyone is up for it. Despite facing significant obstacles, there are women who don't give up. 

They don't give up on their plans, dreams, goals, or desire to become a mother.

Over the years, women have raised their voices. One example is the efforts made by women of different ages, professions, and social classes to secure women's right to vote for the first time.


In the struggle yesterday, today and forever

But not only have they raised their voices to demand their participation as citizens, but also to enforce their decisions, the role they have chosen within society, and the path they take to achieve their dreams.

This can be seen reflected in all women's rights: the right to gender equality, education, and health. 

According to the UN, there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality, but women have made significant strides in the fight for their rights.

So much so that today, women not only have their own bank accounts, but also hold public positions, receive professional training, play sports, and have many job opportunities.


They carry out these actions while demystifying the role society once imposed on them, leaving behind false beliefs.

Decades ago, women had to be and think in a certain way. Currently, we are on a path paved by everyone, which has given women much more freedom.

But it is important to remember that there are still places and situations that put women in a vulnerable position, and despite this, they do not give up; they face many situations and evolve. Not to adapt to the changes, but to create changes where their freedom does not lag behind.


Thousands of them face problems when trying to have babies and resort to alternative methods to achieve it, while many others dream of becoming mothers at the right moment. But the best part is that none of them give up. 

None of them desist. None of them stop searching.

This has meant that, in addition to their rights, women currently have all the tools to plan their lives, choose a role, and have complete freedom to decide, especially when it comes to the choice of becoming mothers.


Assisted Reproduction, a means to expand women's freedom

Assisted Reproductive Technologies was designed so that women do not give up so that they trust in their freedom, and so that the dream of becoming a mother is not a conflict between their personal, work, and family life. These technologies provide women with treatments that overcome the biological clock, allowing them to plan their motherhood calmly.

There is a procedure called egg freezing, which consists of extracting eggs before the age of 35, to preserve them in their best quality and favor fertilization when the woman decides to have a baby.

On the other hand, there are also In Vitro Fertilization treatments that facilitate the fertilization of eggs in a laboratory so that once embryos are formed, they can be transferred to the uterus.


Remember that the decision to become a mother lies with women, not with others.

The struggle of women and motherhood has had an impact in many areas around the world; it has created awareness and allowed the freedom to be expressed.

Women should be recognized under any circumstance, regardless of their race, ethnicity, profession, socioeconomic status, or sexual preferences. Similarly, women who choose to be mothers under their own rules and lifestyle should be recognized.

Women who want to be mothers set aside excuses, criticism, and what others may think in order to pursue their dreams. 

They don't give up; they balance their personal, work, and family life, knowing that it is not easy, but with medical technology and assisted reproductive techniques, they will succeed.

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