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Am I a candidate for low-complexity treatment?

When it comes to addressing infertility and the desire to become parents, low-complexity treatments are often the recommended starting point for many couples. This type of treatment is particularly relevant for those who are facing difficulties in conception but have not yet explored medical options.

In many cases, couples are not aware of their infertility situation until they encounter obstacles to conceiving naturally. It is recommended that if a couple has been trying to have a baby for a year without success, and the woman is under 35 years old, they should consider consulting with an assisted reproduction specialist.

An assisted reproduction specialist not only provides an accurate diagnosis but can also recommend the most effective treatment for the couple's specific needs. Infertility can be the result of a variety of factors, and only a professional evaluation can determine the most appropriate path forward.

At Ingenes, we often suggest low-complexity treatments for couples with women under 35 years of age. This is because the quality and quantity of eggs are generally more favorable in younger women. The quality of the egg is a crucial factor since it directly influences the ability to form healthy embryos, with an adequate number of chromosomes and the energy necessary to develop successfully after fertilization.

It should be noted that, although these treatments may be more accessible from a financial point of view, they do not offer an absolute guarantee of success. The effectiveness of these treatments may be limited compared to more comprehensive options. For this reason, an evaluation by an assisted reproduction specialist is essential. At Ingenes, the specialist can recommend the Comprehensive BEC Programs, designed to maximize your chances of bringing your baby home.

Low Complexity Treatments in Assisted Reproduction

Below, we detail the main low-complexity techniques and how they can be the first step toward realizing your dream of having a baby.

  • Ovulation Induction:

This treatment is ideal for women under 32 years of age who have ovulation problems, such as polycystic ovary syndrome or anovulation. Through the use of medications, the ovaries are stimulated to regulate the menstrual cycle and increase the chances of ovulation and, therefore, conception.

  • Scheduled Intercourse:

This technique involves detailed monitoring of the woman's ovulatory cycle. The optimal time for sexual relations is determined, thus significantly increasing the chances of pregnancy. It is a less invasive option and can be particularly effective for couples without severe fertility problems.

  • Artificial insemination:

Artificial insemination consists of placing previously prepared and selected sperm directly into the woman's uterus during her ovulation period. This technique improves the fertility potential of sperm through a process called sperm capacitation. This process includes washing and centrifugation techniques that purify the sample, eliminating impurities and selecting the highest quality and most motile sperm.

  • Sperm Training:

An essential step in artificial insemination, sperm capacitation improves the chances that selected sperm will fertilize the egg. This laboratory procedure is crucial to ensure that only the fittest sperm are used in the treatment.

At Ingenes, we understand the importance of each step on your path to finding your baby. From your first consultation, we provide you with an accurate diagnosis and guide you through the most appropriate treatment options for your case. Our goal is to give you the best possible opportunity to fulfill your dream of having a baby. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information and start your journey towards finding your baby.

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