27 de March, 2024

Five purposes to improve your fertility

Losing weight, having a new car or house, and having a better-paying job are just some of the goals we set for ourselves each year. Some we achieve, and many others remain in the attempt.

However, has having a baby been among your goals? How long have you wanted it without achieving it? The circumstances may be many, but it is time for that purpose not to remain just another unfulfilled wish.

For this reason, we give you five resolutions so that you can decide this new year and improve the process of finding your baby at home since they will not only improve your health in general but will also promote your fertility.

From purposes to realities

1.-Eat healthy

Changing our eating habits is one of the goals that will bring the most benefits this year if you decide to do it since it will improve your weight and body composition.

In this sense, start this process by avoiding processed or canned foods, choose and increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables, making sure your preparations are lower in fat, and increasing your consumption of natural water.

With these small changes, you will see the difference not only on the scale but in your mood as you prepare your body for that long-awaited path of being a mother.

  1. Exercise

It is a purpose that complements the first, accompanying your new good eating habits with a daily exercise routine will not only keep you in shape but will accelerate and improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Everything is better with professional help

3. Avoid bad habits

Drinking alcohol in excess and smoking decreases the quality of eggs and sperm since their substances produce toxicity in the hormones involved in ovulation.

In this same sense, it is important to mention that if you plan to have a baby, cutting down on caffeine will favor your goal, since it is scientifically proven that drinking more than three cups a day can make it difficult for the egg to implant in the uterus.

  1. Go to a specialist in Reproductive Biology

If you have been trying to be a mother for more than a year and have not succeeded, it may be a fertility problem.

This is verified through a series of personalized studies, where they diagnose the main problem that you or your partner may have, and based on this, they guide you to the best treatment that allows you to fulfill the dream of being a mother.

  1. Take things slowly

Possibly you have already made several attempts and have not achieved that long-awaited goal, and it is evident that discouragement, stress, frustration, and sadness are the order of the day.

It is completely understandable because you do not always understand the reasons why you have not been able to have a baby; However, all those negative emotions such as stress only hinder the process and negatively affect your chances of conceiving.


Taking life calmly and minimizing stress as much as possible will make the process much better.

Don't let another year go by with an unfulfilled wish, and this 2024 let us help you lower your star from the sky. We guarantee that you will not be alone in this important process in your life.

Go ahead and schedule an appointment, with Ingenes if it is possible!

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