4 de August, 2023

Most Searched Fertility Questions on Google

The topic of infertility is an intriguing one for many people who are going through the process of searching for their baby and, for whatever reason, have not been successful. For most of them, it is more practical to do their research on the internet because it is a free and easily accessible tool.

At Ingenes, we took on the task of investigating what were the most common questions asked on Google regarding infertility, and in addition, our fertility specialist, Dr. Ana Carolina Salazar, helped us answer them.

The 5 most searched fertility questions


In the first place of the most searched questions is: 

What is the difference between sterile and infertile?

"The term sterility applies when a woman under 35 years of age cannot obtain a positive pregnancy test, after a full year of searching, without having a family planning method and having regular sexual relations. When a woman is older than 35, the time is reduced to six months". On the other hand, infertility is defined as the inability to bring pregnancies to term".

Commented Dr. Carolina.

The second most searched question is: 

What is a woman's reproductive age?

"A woman's reproductive age can vary greatly from family to family, but on average we can say that the best age to get pregnant is before the age of 32. After this age, it can be achieved, but it will be less and less likely".

Dr. Salazar argued.

The third most searched question is:

How do you know whether or not a woman can have children?

"There are multiple studies that can be performed on women to detect each of the factors associated with infertility. For example, if it is suspected that one of the causes has to do with the fallopian tubes, a study is recommended to determine if the tubes are obstructed, or if an ovarian factor is suspected, a study is requested to check the ovarian reserve".

She commented.

The fourth most searched question is: 

What are the chances of getting pregnant with Clomiphene?

"Depending on the fertility factor that is altered, it will depend on how easy or not we can get pregnant with Clomiphene since it only causes you to ovulate more than normal. This treatment is recommended to be supervised by a doctor because, if you are a candidate, the risk of multiple pregnancies may be higher".

Dr. Carolina argued.

Finally, there is the question:

What is endometriosis and how does it affect fertility?

"Endometriosis is an increasingly common condition in women of reproductive age and is one of the leading causes of infertility". It is characterized by the fact that the endometrium grows outside the uterus and, consequently, the oocyte quality is lower than that required for normal embryo development. In addition, once fertilization is achieved, in several cases the embryo cannot be implanted in the uterus".

She said.

Recommendations for patients seeking this type of information


According to the National Population Council in Mexico (CONAPO), 17% of women of reproductive age in Mexico experience infertility and at least 1.4 million Mexicans require Assisted Reproduction treatments to have a baby.

Although the situation is becoming more and more common, unfortunately in our country there is not the necessary diffusion for patients to go for a complete fertility diagnosis of quality and at an affordable price. 

Have you been trying to have a baby for more than a year and you haven't succeeded? At Ingenes we can help you 

At Ingenes we are aware of this problem and for this reason, we created our Initial Program, which allows us to make an accurate diagnosis to choose the ideal way for you to have your baby in the shortest time possible.

Our specialists in Assisted Reproduction have the necessary experience to attend to different cases of infertility and take care of them in the best way. We are at your disposal to help you bring your baby at home.

If you would like to have a consultation with one of our fertility specialists to know your diagnosis, tell us about yourself by clicking on this link and we will gladly advise you.

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