5 de August, 2023

"Having an infertility problem may be hard, but there's a solution"

Denisse had 3 artificial inseminations and 2 failed In Vitro Fertilizations, and was on the verge of giving up the idea of becoming a mother. She tells you her story, about her infertility problem, and how after a correct diagnosis of uterine myomatosis, and a personalized multi-cycle treatment for her case, she managed to have her first baby girl.

"Why can't I have a baby? What's wrong with my body?"

"I've been trying to become a mother for eight years. God, dealing with infertility was a very hard thing because, when you try and try and try and it doesn't happen, you feel like everything is falling apart, your dreams, your hopes, your relationship with your partner, absolutely everything.

We came to Mexico from Venezuela and started living in Querétaro, and then we moved to Mexico City. At the beginning, when we started this journey, we had all the desire in the world to become parents, we were very excited, we thought it was just a matter of asking for help, of approaching the right fertility specialists and that was it.

Denisse - Ingenes mom

We started our treatment and did 3 artificial inseminations, as they didn't work, then we moved on to a more complex treatment, and had 2 In Vitro Fertilizations, but none of it worked. At that moment a feeling of emptiness came over my body.

Of my four sisters, I was the only one who had trouble getting pregnant. I didn't understand what was wrong with me, I talked to my mum in tears every time I saw a negative result, but to go through infertility, to insist and insist with no results is simply inconsolable.

Talking to my mum reassured me, she was fundamental, as my support network throughout this whole process, she told me not to despair and that when I least thought it would pass.

Before we gave up, we arrived here, the truth was that we were about to give up, we didn't want to know any more but, deep down, I still had a little hope.

Uterine myomatosis, the right diagnosis for having my baby

Denisse on the day she had her first daughter - Ingenes mom

I remember very well the first time we came to the Institute, I asked them; no, I begged them to please tell us what was going on, to give me the reason why I couldn't have my baby. And the doctor told me that I had a fibroid in my cervix.

After that I just asked: 'Will I be able to be a mother? And he said yes, at that moment he gave me back everything, he filled me with hope. My husband and I came out of that first consultation and we discussed everything, we considered the multi-cycle treatment that was explained to us and we said let's do it! We were all committed, the doctors, my family, my husband and me.

The day I was told I was pregnant, I really couldn't believe it! My husband ran to hug the doctor, it was just beautiful!

Everything was going great, but at 8 weeks I had a little bleeding... I thought I was about to lose everything. We rushed immediately to Santa Fe, when we arrived at the institute I couldn't stop crying, I felt like I was losing my life completely, but when we went into the ultrasound and I heard the 'tuck, tuck, tuck', my heart stopped. That day I felt a sense of relief run through me, because that sound was my baby's sign of life.

She came to change everything for us, to grow our family and to transform me into a mum. Watching her grow up has been the best part of my life. From the moment I held her in my arms, I made a commitment to give her the best of me, to love her and to protect her every day of my life.

Denisse and her family - Ingenes Family

And it is that same promise that I later made to my son, because life granted me the joy of becoming a mother for the second time, I still have no idea how it happened, but I will be eternally grateful because this path was the one that led me to them.

Have you tried to have a baby but haven't succeeded yet?

If you feel identified with this story, if you have undergone different Assisted Reproduction treatments without success, we want to tell you that there are still alternatives, and that practically all women who wish to become mothers can achieve it, but it is important that you go to a doctor specialized in reproduction, who can detect precisely what the situation is that has been preventing you from doing so.

At Ingenes, we have an Initial program for all women who want to experience motherhood, who have had failed attempts and have not yet succeeded, a complete evaluation of their reproductive health for all those who are willing to do everything to become mothers.

A program focused on identifying what is getting in the way of your sleep; and drawing up a personalised treatment plan for you to have your baby, carried out by a multidisciplinary team of embryologists, andrologists, gynaecologists with a subspecialty in Reproductive Biology and psychotherapists, among others.

Come to us and schedule your Initial Program, let us help you bring your baby home.

Discover the best treatment for you at Ingenes

Our mission is to help you make an informed decision about your reproductive health, we'll create a fully personalized treatment for you, and make your dream come true.
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