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Understanding Embryo Factor and Its Role in Fertility

The embryo factor is a crucial aspect of fertility, yet it's often overlooked in discussions about conception. An embryo is comprised of 46 chromosomes—23 from the mother and 23 from the father. Any genetic issues within these chromosomes could potentially hinder a pregnancy from reaching full term, ultimately preventing the joy of bringing a baby home.

When a sperm fertilizes an egg, each parent contributes these 23 chromosomes, each containing a specific number of genes. These genes ultimately form the embryo. However, if there are any genetic abnormalities in either parent's chromosomes or the embryo presents any disturbance in its chromosomes, this could trigger issues such as implantation failure and even recurrent miscarriages.

What are the primary causes associated with infertility embryo factors?

  1. Implantation Failure: This is determined when a pregnancy does not occur after three cycles of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
  2. Genetic Abnormalities: These are issues in genes or chromosomes that prevent the embryo from developing properly.
  3. Recurrent Miscarriage: This refers to the loss of two or more consecutive pregnancies before the 20-week mark.

But here's the heartening news: even with an embryo factor, having a baby is still possible. Any genetic condition or issue you, your partner, or your embryo may be experiencing can be adequately addressed. It's not a barrier to you successfully carrying a pregnancy to term and welcoming a baby into your life.

Factor Embrionario

Seek professional help

If you're unable to have a baby due to some embryo factor, remember - you're not alone. The first step in overcoming this hurdle is to join our Initial Program, conducted by assisted reproduction specialists. Our dedicated team is committed to fulfilling your deepest desire - becoming a mother.

We believe that information is empowering. By understanding the role of the embryo factor, you can make informed decisions about your fertility and the steps needed to reach your goal. It may be a challenging journey but remember: you're stronger than you think, and with the right support, your dreams of parenthood can become a reality.

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