Teratozoospermia or teratospermia is the increase of abnormal sperm in male semen.

It is diagnosed when abnormal sperm morphology exceeds 96% and compromises fertility because most of the abnormal sperm are unable to travel to the egg and penetrate it.

Although the exact causes of teratozoospermia are not known, we do know that sperm quality can be affected by factors such as:

-Diabetes mellitus


-Vasectomy over 5 years

-Seminal infections

-Testicular problems



-Excessive use of alcohol or other drugs such as cocaine or marijuana

-Exposure to toxic agents such as insecticides

-Age (the number of abnormal sperm increases after a man reaches 45 years of age)

-Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy

-Febrile episodes

-Prolonged exposure to heat in cars, saunas or hot tubs


Teratozoospermia has no symptoms, so it is necessary to see a specialist for diagnosis.


It is diagnosed by seminogram or seminal fluid analysis. It is recommended that the man has not ejaculated for three to seven days before the test.

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