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"My husband had cancer and I had cysts, but with IVF we got twins"

Marisol and her husband went through different medical situations that complicated their path to becoming parents, as is the case with the 10% of people who have failed to have a baby, whose problem is caused by a combination of male and female infertility factors.

Learn about their story and how they overcame these and other obstacles to achieve their twins with a Multicycle Assisted Reproduction treatment.

Testicular cancer, cysts and a single ovary

"My husband and I have been together for 10 years and for a long time we were working, we wanted to consolidate our own digital commerce business first, have a solid foundation and then think about growing our family, but while we were in the middle of that we felt the need to take that one more step.

The problem was that we both had some medical situations and that complicated everything, he had testicular cancer, I was diagnosed with cysts and, because of that, I also had an ovary removed. After hat we were in a tremendous uncertainty about whether we were going to be able to be parents or not.

Many people told us: 'Go and see, go and ask a doctor, to check what they tell you', but at the time we were just starting our business and we knew that a Assisted Reproduction treatment was a bit expensive, and you never really think you're going to need something like that.

We worked very, very hard, and when we saw that we could afford it, that's when we called the Institute, the truth is that we didn't consider another fertility clinic before, we went straight there and everything came together beautifully like a snowball

During our medical consultation there at the branch, my husband and I said: 'Let's go for it all', we listened to the recommendation of our doctor, we talked about it and we chose to do the IVF treatment that offered us the best chances, the 4 cycles, we talked about it and we chose to do the Assisted Reproduction treatment that offered us the best chances, the 4 cycles of In Vitro Fertilization but it didn't work out the first time....

When it doesn't work, you get down, so many things go through your mind; not being able to have a baby is something I never imagined I would go through, and going through a situation like this, which you never imagined at all, is something indescribable, it is very hard... but you must always keep in mind the why, your why, why you do it, why you keep insisting and going through hundreds of tests, different doctors and test after test. Those of us who have been there know what it is like, a huge emotional and physical blow, sometimes you feel like you are being hit from all sides.

But you should never lose sight of what the ultimate goal is, that's what gives you the strength to go on: to think about your baby, to know that you are doing it for him, to have him with you, just having that tattooed in your mind is how you know that every single thing you do is worth it, you know that you are fighting for something that means everything.

After the third IVF we finally met them.

After my 3rd IVF cycle we went for the blood test at the Institute, we arrived early, very nervous and both of us were fasting, my husband couldn't eat a bite because he was so anxious. We had to wait for the doctor to give us the result, so we left and my husband went to the bank while we waited, there he received my call!

He told me he was about to go to the cashier when I called him, it was a mess because they asked him to come out of the bank to talk and he couldn't hear me well, while I was giving him the news he ran out of the queue and I just shouted at him: 'It came out positive, believe it, we did it!'

I was in shock! When I called my husband I was crying, so he thought it hadn't worked, while I was pushing everyone in line at the bank, he was telling me: 'Calm down, there is another chance, we have one more cycle', and when I finally calmed down a little bit and was able to tell him that we were going to be dads he didn't even answer me, he came running!

The funniest and most wonderful thing of all was that, although from the beginning we were dying to have 2 babies, in reality we only had the name of one boy, and in the ultrasound they confirmed that they were two little boys! In the 39th week of my pregnancy Michael and Gabriel were born, names of archangels, our little angels who came to enlighten us.

When we went to the Institute for the first time and talked to our doctor, he told me something I never forgot: 'I promise you that I am going to give you your babies'. We wanted to have two babies, we told him from the beginning and he answered us like that, that sentence stayed with me, it's a beautiful thing, we wanted two and he gave them to us, we did it.

What is my life like now that I'm a mum? It's totally changed! My perspective on things and the world is completely different, because they are the centre of everything now.

"Every pain, every tear and negative test, every injection, every thing you go through is going to turn into something good".

Marisol, Mama Ingenes.

It's very important to come with an open mind and let yourself be helped, listen to the options that are out there and be open to them. Assisted Reproduction treatment I think that's what I would say to other women who are going through something like this.

My babies are a year and a half old with us, but still when I wake up and see them, I can't believe it, it's like seeing a miracle, a dream come true. Life puts it to you, it knows how and when, but you already have your destiny, the point is that you have to go out and look for it, you have to do everything to get there.

What do I say to them? To Miguel and Gabriel every day, my husband and I thank you for coming into our lives, for enlightening us the way you have and for giving us the privilege of choosing us to be your parents.

You want to be a mum too, but you're not quite there yet?

1 out of 10 heterosexual couples who have problems having a baby have a combination of male and female factors; that is to say that both men and women each have some situation that is compromising their reproductive health; but even with this it is possible to achieve up to 96% chances of carrying a pregnancy to term with a Multicycle Assisted Reproduction treatment like Marisol's.

If you or your partner are over 35, have been trying to have a baby for six months or more and still haven't succeeded, there are many options that can help you. At Ingenes, we have an Initial Program that has the objective of evaluating your complete reproductive health and that of your partner, to identify your best Assisted Reproduction treatment option, the one that will give you the best chance of achieving your dream of becoming parents.

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