3 de October, 2022

Getting pregnant at 40? “I was 44 and I thought that was impossible"

Getting pregnant at 40 is possible and completely safe. After the age of 35, the quality and quantity of the ovules decreases, which reduces the chances of conceiving for any woman, this is a natural process of the body as life progresses; however, there are Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) that allow you to put a stop to the biological clock and achieve a baby at that age and even later.

Next, Ruth share her story, a woman who became a mother after turning 44, thanks to a multicycle In Vitro Fertilization treatment.

Getting pregnant at 40 was something unthinkable for me, until I met him

“I had already let go of the idea of ​​becoming a mother, I felt that because of my age it was no longer possible and, to be honest, it was a plan that was no longer on my list; but life takes many turns and when I met my husband, being a mother became a very, very big dream.

Before going through this treatment they never found out what was happening, I did not have polycystic ovary or endometriosis, my tubes were fine, I ovulated perfectly despite my age and my husband was also fine, but our pregnancy did not occur.

I was 44 and I knew that getting pregnant at 40 was going to be difficult. But a friend told me about her and her baby, she has it with a treatment at the Institute, so we decided to make an appointment.

My first In Vitro Fertilization, something very difficult for both of us

I met my doctor and nurse, people with a great heart and patience. It is important that you feel that confidence because they are working with your body and also with your emotions. Be confident on your doctors is key. I never doubt of myself during the whole treatment because my family and friends supported me to achieve it.

If you are in this thing or you are going to start in it, it’s key that you have those support networks. If you hold on you can achieve it, because sometimes you have to face so many challenges. I had a huge one during my first transfer because it didn’t work.

Thee doctors did an hysteroscopy on me and then they realized that the neck of my womb was too small, also I had a certain tissue that prohibited everything, a weird case in the entire world.

In my second transfer Benjamín came to complete us

I was about to give up, I was very tired, I took a month that was very necessary for me, and I returned to the second cycle from Las Vegas to Mexico to receive the greatest blessing I have had in my life.

As soon as I heard him cry my soul returned to my body. Being a mom is something beyond me. Today I realize that my heart doesn’t beat in me, it beats outside of me through my son.

Being a mom is something wonderful, a big responsibility and it is tiring sometimes, but it changes your day to day. It is beautiful to see him smile. It was worth every tear and every difficult moment of the journey to have the honor of being his mom.

Benjamín come to complete a part of me that I didn’t think I needed, I want to thank him for holding on to me, for staying here and allowing to take care him inside me for nine months and now.

You think as a human being that you know what the word love means, but when you become a mom you can really understand what it is. I didn’t know that there was so much love in my heart”. 

Do you want to become a mother after the age of 35?

Getting pregnant at 40 is possible, and practically all women who want it can fulfill that dream thanks to the different Assisted Reproduction Technologies that exist today, and that put a stop to the biological clock to be a mother when you decide it.

If you are over 35 years old and have been trying to have a baby for 6 months or more without succeeding, it is important that you go to fertility specialists, who will provide you with a personalized diagnosis and the specific treatment that will give you the best chance of becoming a mother in the least possible time.

At Ingenes, we have an Initial Program for all women who are completely sure that they want to live their motherhood and are willing to do everything to achieve it.

A complete evaluation of your fertility, focused on identifying what is stopping you; and draw up a personalized treatment plan, carried out by a complete team of fertility experts. Come to Ingenes, tell us your story here and let us help you to carry your baby.

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Our mission is to help you make an informed decision about your reproductive health, we'll create a fully personalized treatment for you, and make your dream come true.
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