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In Vitro Fertilization treatment, beyond infertility


In Vitro Fertilization treatment has evolved the way of conceiving babies around the world, it is considered a high complexity treatment due to the series of procedures used that increase the level of probability of success, obtaining the union of the egg and the sperm in a laboratory and transferring the formed embryo directly to the maternal uterus to achieve a pregnancy.

This treatment is not only a successful alternative for cases of infertility, since it also has benefits for many other women to become moms.

Who could have an In Vitro Fertilization treatment?

It is an ideal treatment for couples who are not able to have a baby, for example when there are:

In addition to being an excellent alternative for female couples, and single women, who want to have a baby entirely by themselves, and even for those who want to dismiss abnormalities in the future baby.

What are the benefits of having an In Vitro Fertilization treatment?

As we already mentioned, In Vitro Fertilization treatment is not an exclusive treatment for cases of infertility, and although it has shown great results in this field, it also has other benefits, such as:

  • Beating the ‘biological clock’: Fertility in women decreases after 35, reducing the quantity and quality of eggs, therefore, achieving a pregnancy naturally is harder, and with IVF, the eggs of good quality are extracted from the woman, so that the fertilization between the egg and the sperm occurs in a laboratory, to transfer the embryo directly to the mom’s uterus.
Claudia could have their baby with IVF even with low ovarian reserve and after she turn 35
  • Increasing the probability of success, compared to a low complexity treatment: The success rate of IVF is much higher than artificial insemination for example, especially when there are several cycles, since the probability of success increases in each cycle and the procedures are more controlled by the specialist doctors.
  • Dismissing genetic diseases: When there is a possibility that the baby inherits a disease, from the parents or family, the pre-implantation tests used in IVF treatments are very effective, because they are carried out before the embryo is transferred to the uterus, to dismiss genetic abnormalities and in some cases even to know the sex of the baby.
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What are the fundamental steps of In Vitro Fertilization treatment?

To carry out an In Vitro Fertilization treatment, in addition to being performed exclusively by reproductive experts, the steps that describe the procedure are as follows:

  1. Ovarian stimulation: The woman’s ovulation is stimulated by medication to carry out step 2.
  2. Egg retrieval: The eggs are removed using special equipment and anesthesia.
  3. Fertilization: Here fertilization occurs between the egg and the sperm, which is taken from the semen sample of the partner or a donor.
  4. Embryo culture: The development of the embryos is monitored to select the best quality ones and transfer them to the mom’s uterus.
  5. Embryo transfer: With the help of a catheter, the specialist doctor will place the embryos inside the uterus, and after approximately 11 days it is necessary to do a pregnancy test.

In Vitro Fertilization Multicycle Programs at Ingenes

Ingenes is the leading Institute of Fertility and Genetics in Latin America, thanks to the fact that we have the highest rate of success cases, with more than 50,000 babies born.

We are been taken In Vitro Fertilization treatment to the next level through our Multicycle Programs, which offer up to 4 cycles to have a baby and guarantee up to 96% chance of success, in addition to offering donor banking services for single women and the ROPA (Reception of Oocytes from the Partner) method for female couples.

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