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"I had my first baby with IVF at 40, then my daughter without treatment"

With In Vitro Fertilization at the age of 40, Silvia managed to have her first child, Santiago; but the big surprise came a year and a half later, when she became pregnant with her second baby, Emma, without the help of any assisted reproduction treatment. Learn more about her story and how, thanks to an egg donation, she was able to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.

They're 100% my children and there is no difference between them

"My husband and I left the labels, the taboos about egg donation, the social pressure and made the decision to have Santiago and Emma, because there is no difference, they are 100% my children.

I am 44 years old and live in Chiapas, and when we decided we wanted to have a baby we went to a doctor who focused on helping "big families", that's when we ran into the difficulty of getting pregnant.


Before I met my partner I didn't have many intentions of becoming a mother. He and Italked, we wanted to have a baby that was a little piece of both of us, but we made the decision when I was already grown up; we thought: "Ok, nothing happens, let's go to a doctor for guidance and I'll get pregnant", so we did, and we did it! We were so happy, but unfortunately I had a miscarriage, and that affected us a lot.

At that time, I didn't know whether to keep trying or not, it was very difficult, but at that time my dad told us that he had seen publicity for the Institute, and we started to look into the possibility of coming here.

My parents live in Mexico City and we decided to go to the branch there. When we arrived for our Initial Program, I had a complete exam to evaluate everything about my reproductive health, and it turned out that my egg formation was very low, due to my age.


We wanted a treatment that would be as safe as possible, something that would really guarantee us the best chances, so that now we could achieve it, and we were recommended a multi-cycle treatment of IVF.

Unfortunately the first attempt didn't work, and then the second cycle didn't work either, and that's when everything really became chaotic, I didn't understand why all this was happening, why couldn't we get pregnant? Those were very dark moments, I felt lost and I couldn't stop crying.

I spoke to my doctor and he recommended that I take the option of using the emotional support that is provided along with the treatment. I went to the therapist and we talked about the whole process, what happened before with my first baby, all the frustration, all the guilt, I told her everything and she helped me a lot.

My husband and I talked about how we felt, whether it was all worth it and we decided that we would not give up, we would try everything!


That is when the doctor talked to me about egg donation, he explained to me how it all worked, that this alternative helps women like me, who have problems with egg production, to have a baby with In Vitro Fertilization at 40, 45 or even 50 years of age.

We talked about epigenetics and she explained to me that in the womb there is an exchange between your baby's and your genes. He would be inside me, he would grow thanks to my blood, to what I would eat, it would be me who would give him life and I understood that there was no difference, that he would be 100% my son.

The day he was finally born, when I heard him, when I heard Santiago, I cried like never before in my life and I told him: 'My love, you are finally here with me and I will never leave you, you have finally come into our lives!' It was a totally magical moment because, when he heard me, he became completely still, he stopped crying and calmed down completely. Blessed was the day we decided to go back to treatment for that third IVF cycle.


To other women who, like me, are going through ovulation problems or any other situation where you have not yet been able to have your baby, I would say take the option of oocyte donation, give it a try because there is not a single doubt that it will be your child. Be brave and risk everything here because it is so worth it when you hear them say, 'Mummy'.

And how did Emma get here? Surprise! She's a miracle! I never thought I could have another baby, not without some treatment, but I'm sure she's a miracle! When I found out I was pregnant again, I really couldn't believe it, is this real?

My little girl came well, she was completely healthy and perfect. Today we are so happy to have them here, and I think that everything we went through before was a learning process, a preparation for when we had them, they taught us to be parents before they were born and we hope to become the best". 


Do you want to become a mum but haven't managed it yet?

Thousands of women have decided to postpone motherhood for the precise moment when they are ready, and the biological clock is no longer an impediment to achieving this. If you are over 35 and you are trying to become a mother, but it has not yet been possible, it is important that you go to a doctor specialized in reproduction, who will evaluate your reproductive health and offer you alternatives with the best chances of success, such as IVF.

At Ingenes, we have a Initial Program for all women who want to live their motherhood and are willing to do everything to achieve it. A program that focuses on identifying what is preventing you from having a baby and drawing up a personalized treatment plan, carried out by a team of expert embryologists, andrologists, gynecologists with a subspecialty in Reproductive Biology and psychotherapists, among others.

Come in, click on the image below to schedule your Initial Program, and let us help you take your baby home.

Discover the best treatment for you at Ingenes

Our mission is to help you make an informed decision about your reproductive health, we'll create a fully personalized treatment for you, and make your dream come true.
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