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"I was under 30 and my body was resisting treatment to have children"

Guadalupe was 24 years old when she began seeking treatment to have children; however, early on in her journey, she came across a fertility clinic where a gynaecologist told her she would never become a mother.

She tells you here how she went through the whole process, about the Assisted Reproduction treatment that helped her have her baby, and the important role that controlling her mind and emotions played in making it happen, with the right guidance.

"Pray to God not to divorce"

"I got married at the age of 24 and practically immediately we stopped taking care of each other, but no matter how hard we tried it didn't stick. When we realised this we decided to go to a fertility clinic in Querétaro, where they recommended In Vitro Fertilization treatment, but when we went there it turned out that there was a problem in one of the chromosomes, or so they told us

Guadalupe pregnant - Mama Ingenes

The doctor at that clinic said to us, 'We hope with all our hearts that you don't get divorced, but you're never going to be able to have a family. God, that day was a terrible bereavement, to hear something like that when you're trying so hard is completely demoralising.

After that we didn't know what to do, we talked about our situation with a couple of close friends and two people told us about the Institute, at that moment we thought we had nothing to lose, not after they had given us that horrible diagnosis, so we decided to go to the clinic.

"We had nothing left to lose."

Guadalupe and her husband at Israel's christening - Ingenes Family

Once we got here, we talked to my doctor about everything we had done before to try to have a baby, about the fertility clinic we went to; and then we went for tests, she said they had to thoroughly check both of our reproductive health.

The diagnosis was that my body was resisting treatment. She asked us: 'How many children do you want to have', she didn't say we couldn't, she didn't even say it would be difficult, she focused a lot on asking us what we imagined it would be like when we became dads, she gave us hope.

When you are trying very hard to become a mother, and something happens that prevents you from doing so, you think that your case is unique; but along the way you realise that there are so many stories, that there is a whole world of people like you who are having a hard time having a baby, and that helps you.

Israel - Baby Ingenes

We started with the first cycle of our In Vitro treatment: with the injections, ovarian stimulation and the egg retrieval. After the transfer I thought I was pregnant... and I was not.

Again the mourning, I felt so guilty, as if I was the reason we couldn't, as if I didn't work.

"In my second cycle I had to control my mind, I had to do it"

We came back later for the next cycle, but I felt something, something that wouldn't let me move forward. So many things go through your mind when you go through the negatives, everything happens to you.

Israel smiling at his mum - Baby Ingenes

I made a huge effort to try to control my mind, to add that to my treatment to have children, I tried to let things flow and do absolutely everything I could; I changed my diet, I started exercising, I started with aromatherapy, I did Reiki.... Anything that could help me I did. That second time around I made an effort to relax.

When they told me: "Congratulations, you are pregnant" I couldn't even speak. Six months after I got the news, I had my belly, it was so beautiful, I dreamed of looking like that so many times, I was so happy!

Israel was born on 3 December 2018, he cried, I gave him a kiss and they took him away shortly after to do everything. At that moment I shouted to my husband who was there: 'Correct him! Your job from this second on is to go after my child, to be with him until they hand him over to me, and woe betide you if anything happens to him'.

Israel on his birthday - Baby Ingenes

He was in the incubator for 48 hours, but he came out without any problems, then he handed him over to me and from that moment on we were united forever.

My baby came to change our lives

What can I say about all this now that I look back on it? I had to work on myself and so must you if you are on this path, sometimes it is important to let things flow, let it all out, don't hold back, don't hold back, cry as much as you have to cry, hold on to whatever it is that makes you happy and keep going, keep going until the end.

You are the one who is feeling it, it is you, and I know that everyone experiences it differently, but you must not lose sight of the fact that it is in you that everything will happen, in your womb, so you are the one who must be well first

Guadalupe and her husband with their baby - Familia Ingenes

Meditate, run, draw, dance, go out with your friends, cry with them, tell your mum, tell her you are in treatment to have children, tell whoever you need to tell, do whatever you have to do to be well yourself, do whatever it is that frees you up, gives you a break, and go for it!

He came to change my life and it's not at all like I imagined it, it's that you just don't have anything to compare this love to, and you don't know it, you don't feel it until you see it, when he tells you mum....

My baby is a living miracle! And, first of all God, we are going to come back here to do a new IVF treatment because we want to give him a little brother. When they gave him to me, he immediately clung to me, as if he recognised me right away, we have been together forever, united from the beginning.

Guadalupe and her husband carrying Israel - Ingenes Family

Are you also looking for childbearing treatment?

Emotional health and care is as important as any medical issue to be addressed during an Assisted Reproduction treatment.

The stress of going through childbearing treatment can be severely affecting, and according to the Pan American Health Organizationthe psycho-emotional issue must be monitored in women who are looking for a baby, and failure to do so can have serious consequences, even if a pregnancy is achieved, such as miscarriage or low birth weight.

If you are under 35 and have been trying for six months or more to have a baby and have not been successful, a personalised multi-cycle In Vitro Fertilization treatment, in conjunction with your psycho-emotional care, can help you.

Come to Ingenes and tell us about your journey so far, so that we can design a comprehensive treatment that will give you the best chance of becoming a mother.

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