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"You can get pregnant with ovarian cysts"

Can you get pregnant with ovarian cysts? The answer is yes. This is the story of Rosy, a woman over 35 who was plagued by cysts, which prevented her from ovulating and made it difficult for her to get pregnant.

She tells you here how she went through several doctors, gynaecologists and fertility clinics that made her lose almost all hope, and how a proper diagnosis gave it back to her, to later have her baby, little Carlos, with the help of Assisted Reproduction treatment.

Getting pregnant and losing my baby is the strongest pain I have ever felt

"In 2013 I got pregnant and we lost him before 12 weeks. It was so hard to go through something like that, but now that I think about those complicated moments, every step I took and where I am now.... Well, all of that made me the great woman and mum I am now, despite the pain.

The first doctors we went to with my husband did not give us an accurate diagnosis, the first thing they did was to fill me with hormones to ovulate, and well, nothing happened, no pregnancy, no baby.

Rosy - Mama Ingenes

Ten years ago, after I got married, I realised that we were struggling to have children. I didn't feel well at all, I blamed myself for not being able to get pregnant, I felt that I was broken, that I was useless, but my husband and I have always had very good communication about it, he has never pressured me and he has always been very understanding with me.

We went first to a general practitioner and then to a gynaecologist to try to find out what was wrong and whether we could become parents. You get to know about it, you ask questions here and there, you go on the internet and check all the pages that appear, you get more and more information, so I realised that the gynaecologist who was treating us didn't really have a solution.

He treated me with pills to regulate my period, he said that would be enough to get me pregnant, but he never actually gave me a diagnosis, he didn't tell me what was wrong or why, we just started with the medication.

There were many attempts, but we didn't see any results, my body wasn't reacting to what it was giving me, and that hit me hard.... Again it was me, something in me was not right.

I wanted a child so badly, but after a while of going through negative after negative, I resigned myself to the fact that there was no chance of having one, just like that, because you reach that point, that bottom, the moment when you decide to throw in the towel.

I came to the Institute as a last resort and practically without hope

Rosy and her husband on their baby's gender reveal - Familia Ingenes

As a last call, a last hope, I came to the Institute. And, honestly, I arrived thinking it was just another fertility clinic, just another centre like any other where they take you up to heaven, and then they just say, 'It couldn't be done'.

I was already very tired after so much struggle, I was fed up with so many years, so many attempts and having no answers to anything, but my husband pushed me to try one more time, he was my rock. For peace of mind, to be with a clear conscience that we even did what we didn't, that's how we got there, we wanted to exhaust all the possibilities that existed.

Here, in 2018, I was diagnosed with severe polycystic ovary syndrome, I was invaded by cysts, and that caused my period not to appear, and I didn't ovulate at all.

I knew something wasn't right, but the fact that I finally got the exact diagnosis gave me reassurance. I asked if you can get pregnant with ovarian cysts, and my doctor said yes, we just needed to treat it together and everything would be fine, she made me feel confident.

The Assisted Reproduction treatment I needed was In Vitro

I was checked for cysts and had the first In Vitro Fertilization of my multi-cycle treatment, and it fell out on the first attempt!

I enacted it, I really visualised it, I tried hard to think of myself as pregnant and to keep my mind in that place. As we were in the middle of it all I thought that even though things had been so grey before, this time it would come, this time our baby would finally be with us, and I think that was key.

Carlos Gabriel looking at his mum - Bebé Ingenes

When I found out I was pregnant I didn't know how to react, I was so nervous. After my transfer I thought, maybe we shouldn't get so excited when we heard the news, anything could still happen.

I've always wanted to do a home test, I've been dying to see that stick get coloured. Here they tell you to wait for the blood test, not to do a home test because the results are not as reliable as with the other one, but I couldn't resist.

I had it done and I saw that beautiful colour showing up on my test, seeing my positive just boosted me more, it was the ultimate for us.

But, even after seeing her, my fear was latent; fortunately my husband always helped me , he has been a warrior in this battle with me, he has always given his best and you don't know how difficult it is to go through this, it is quite a challenge as a couple.

The most magical day of our lives

I had a c-section and my Carlos Gabriel was born perfect on the 4th of October 2018 at 6:17am, the most magical day of our lives. My excitement to meet him was much more than my nerves and fear, to hold him in my arms and that he chose me as his mum is the ultimate for me.

Our first year was full of learning, it hasn't been easy being a mum, it's not like it's portrayed in the movies. That also has to be said, because believe me there have been many trials too.

Rosy and her husband at the birth of Carlos Gabriel - Familia Ingenes

Besides, when you are a new mum you feel that you don't know anything no matter how much information you get, no matter how many books you read or pages you check, no matter how many courses you take, there are no instructions that prepare you for everything you are about to see, but your baby teaches you everything you need to know, everything he needs, and you already have the basis: it is the love that is already in you for your babies, from the moment you think of them.

I want to say to women who are going through something similar, if you are thinking about whether you can get pregnant with ovarian cysts; if you want to become a mother and you have a situation or medical problem that has made it difficult for you, please fight, fight to the end!

Resist, take great care of yourself and stay firm in your decision to achieve it, sometimes the panorama and the diagnoses can be very strong, discouraging, but there will always be a door that will open, don't stop looking for it!

Can you get pregnant with ovarian cysts? Yes, and we can help you

According to the World Health Organization, ovarian cysts and polycystic ovary disease are one of the leading female causes of problems conceiving, but both are perfectly treatable and are not an impediment to becoming a mother.

However, in case you live with any of these conditions and you are looking for a pregnancy, the most advisable thing to do is to see a medical specialists who, in addition to being gynaecologists, have a sub-speciality in Reproductive Biology, as they are the ones who can provide you with a complete evaluation of your case and find the most appropriate treatment to achieve it.

At Ingenes, we have an Initial program, which gives you an accurate diagnosis of your complete reproductive health, with the aim of designing a personalised treatment that gives you the best chance of becoming a mother, according to your history and any previous attempts you have made.

Come here and tell us everything you have been through. More than a fertility clinic, we are the Institute that has successfully attended the most cases in Latin America, even the most complex ones; people who longed to become parents and today have a new engine of life with their babies at home. That is why we are sure we can help you too.

Discover the best treatment for you at Ingenes

Our mission is to help you make an informed decision about your reproductive health, we'll create a fully personalized treatment for you, and make your dream come true.
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