10 de April, 2024

Helen's story: A fight against endometriosis and finding hope

Helen remembers the moment her life took an unexpected turn. At 33, after facing years of health challenges such as endometriosis, the loss of an ovary, and multiple operations for cysts, Helen's life seemed to move further and further away from her dream of becoming a mother. "When you're young, you don't think about the future consequences of these health problems," she shares. "But when I decided to start a family, reality hit me hard."

After years of unsuccessful treatments and visits to numerous gynecologists, Helen's hope was fading. The emotional burden of not being able to conceive weighed on her, deeply affecting her well-being and her relationships. "Everything I saw reminded me of what I couldn't have. I cried all the time, I felt like I had given up." This struggle not only wore Helen down emotionally but also led to the collapse of her marriage.

It was then that, amid desperation, Helen's mother told her about Ingenes. "I will never forget that moment. It was when I realized that my problem was not unique and that there was hope." At Ingenes, Helen was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, a new twist in her already complex medical history. However, this time, she felt supported and understood. "The doctors were incredible. They didn't just treat me; they connected with me on a very personal level."

The personalized support and treatment at Ingenes led Helen to a moment that would change her life forever: the discovery of her pregnancy. "It was like receiving the best gift imaginable. There was nothing that compared to the joy of knowing that she was going to be a mother."

But the surprise was even greater when Helen found out that she would not only have one baby, but two. "Hanna and Haén came into my life as a double miracle, choosing me as their mother." This event not only gave Helen the family she had longed for but also allowed her to celebrate something very special: the unique connection that only siblings can share.

On National Siblings Day, Helen reflects on the meaning of having twins and the joy Hanna and Haén bring to her life. "Seeing them together, experiencing life side by side, fills me with indescribable happiness. They are a constant reminder that, despite challenges, hope must never be lost."

Helen's story is a testament to perseverance, faith, and the power of medical science that helps transform the dream of motherhood into a reality. At Ingenes, she found not only her solution to her fertility problems but also a community that accompanied her on her journey toward finding her baby.

Today, Helen looks to the future with optimism, embracing every moment with Hanna and Haén. "They chose me, and I found the right path to reach them," she says with a smile. "Now I know that miracles come twice."

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