7 de November, 2023

INVOcell and ROPA Method: New Frontiers in Assisted Reproduction

Fertility science is advancing in leaps and bounds, offering hope and possibilities to those who want to start or expand their family. Recently, an event in Spain marked a milestone: the birth of Europe's first baby carried by two women using a reproduction technique called INVOcell, underscoring the potential of assisted reproductive technologies. At Ingenes, although we do not yet offer INVOcell, we are attentive to these developments to evaluate their future incorporation into our services.

INVOcell: Natural Incubation

INVOcell is an intravaginal incubation device that allows fertilization and the early stages of embryonic development to occur inside a woman's body rather than in a laboratory. It is a more natural and potentially more affordable alternative to traditional IVF.

ROPA Method: A Shared Maternal Bond

The ROPA Method, on the other hand, is a form of IVF designed for couples of women who want both to participate biologically in the pregnancy: one provides the egg and the other carries the baby.

INVOcell vs ROPA Method

CharacteristicsINVOcellROPA Method
ConceptIntravaginal embryo incubation.Specific IVF for female couples.
ProcessFertilization and initial embryonic development occur within the INVOcell device in the vagina.Egg extraction from a woman, fertilization in the laboratory, and transfer to her partner's uterus.
Biological LinkBond of the mother carrying the INVOcell device.Biological link of both mothers; one genetic and the other gestational.
Required TechnologyLess dependent on specialized laboratories.Requires laboratory technology for IVF.
Comparative table between both methods of assisted reproduction.

At Ingenes, excellence and safety are our priorities when offering assisted reproduction services. Although INVOcell shows promise, it is currently being evaluated by our team of specialists. Our mission is to ensure that any new technique we adopt meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness for our patients.

Both INVOcell and the ROPA Method illustrate the exciting future of assisted reproduction. With these advances, the dream of becoming parents is more accessible and tailored to the unique needs of each couple or individual. At Ingenes, we remain committed to innovation and constant updating in the field of fertility to offer the best options to our patients.

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