The best time to become a mother is when you decide! That is why our commitment is to provide the best solution for each of our patients. We present our additional services.

Eligender: gender selection

We present our technique that will allow you to have a baby of the desired sex with 99% effectiveness. It is indicated for women who wish to select the sex of their baby, but mainly for women and/or couples with a history of genetic diseases linked to the sex chromosomes.
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Implantation Score

It is a non-invasive genetic study carried out on egg cells to analyze their quality and thus identify the embryos with the greatest implantation potential. It is ideal for women with insufficient ovarian quality.
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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGT)

This study selects the DNA of embryos that meet the characteristics of a normal one and discards those embryos that have genetic alterations before implantation. It benefits patients with a history of genetic abnormalities, advanced age, or recurrent losses.
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Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis

It includes all those actions aimed at detecting whether there is any obvious genetic or chromosomal abnormality. It is ideal for pregnant women with a high-risk index for chromosomal abnormalities.
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