Refund coverage

Your dream of becoming a mom will be in the best hands. And if that dream does not come true with us, we will give you back up to 100% of your investment.

It goes without saying that any investment destined for a dream involves the message of effort and enthusiasm of those who want to achieve it, but it also has all the illusions for that dream to come true.

At Ingenes, we are so sure of our processes, the experience, and the work of our specialists, that we offer you an accurate answer after evaluating your case in detail through the Initial Program, to design a plan with which you can have your baby. And if your dream does not come true with us, we will give you back up to 100% of your investment.

The trust you need

You’ve already come a long way, and the least we can do is give you the confidence to tell you that being a mom is possible.

First, because based on our confidence we created our Multicycle Programs, so that you forget about having ONLY ONE CHANCE to become a mom, and have UP TO 4 ATTEMPTS, 4 IVF cycles, reaching up to a 96% CHANCE OF HAVING YOUR BABY, and have no doubt that you can do it.

And second, WE GIVE YOU YOUR ECONOMIC INVESTMENT THE VALUE IT DESERVES, by protecting it with our refund coverage, guaranteeing the return of up to 100% of your investment in these IVF treatments that cover 3 and 4 cycles.

Contact us to know every detail of these programs, and find out how we will give you all the confidence to fulfill your dream of being a mom.

We are the only experts in Fertility and Genetics in Mexico, who are certified by a Notary Public, giving you the guarantee of having your baby at home or will refund your money.

The path you start with us, we travel together. Our commitment ends 72 hours after you have your baby, we will be with you every step of the way.

Come and let us help you.

The fear of making an investment that does not give results can keep you from your big dream. Don’t give up.

Trust that it will be in the best hands and make that dream come true.

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