8 de September, 2022

It is possible to have a pregnancy with tubal ligation

If you had your tubes tied and now you have changed your mind, you should know that it is possible to get pregnant with Salpingoclasia, you can have your baby, and there are different alternatives such as In Vitro Fertilization and Reversion or Recanalization of the fallopian tubes, which offer you different odds of success.

Tubal Ligation is a contraceptive method that consists of making a small surgical incision in the Fallopian tubes, in order to prevent fertilization between the egg and the sperm during sexual intercourse, in other words, it is a method for sterilizing women.

What is tubal ligation used for?

It is a highly effective method to avoid unwanted pregnancies, and it can be used by women who previously had children or women who do not plan to have them.


 What are the advantages of using tubal ligation?

  • Among its main advantages we can highlight:
  • It has at least 99% contraceptive effectiveness
  • It has no side effects
  • Subsequent recovery is fast
  • Also, protects against ovarian cancer

However, no one can know where life will take us, and plans can often change.

Can you become a mom if you had tubal ligation?

pregnancy-with-salpingoclasia-is-possible-woman-over-50-years-old-with-her-husband-on-the-day-of-delivery-carrying-her-babies-conceived-via- in-vitro-fertilization
María del Carmen with her family – Ingenes mom

You may be interested in reading the story of María del Carmen and how she managed to have her babies with Salpingoclasia, after turning 50

The wish for motherhood may present itself from one moment to the another, or a person may come into your life with whom you want to plan to have a family, meaning, children.

And although this method is currently reversible, there is a much more effective alternative to achieve a pregnancy.

Motherhood is not a matter of plans, it is a desire, which does not even imply reasons to feel it. If you had this procedure done at some point, and having a pregnancy with tubal ligation has become your dream, you should know that there is an ideal alternative to achieve it.

Alternatives to reverse tubal ligation and become a mom

There is a surgery called ‘Tubal Ligation Reversal’, which consists of rejoining the two parts of the Fallopian tube, by means of microscopic stitches, although its main risk implies a high probability of suffering an ectopic pregnancy, that is to say, the implantation of the embryo outside the uterus, which usually causes spontaneous abortions or requires medical interventions.

Assisted Reproduction technologies allow a pregnancy to be achieved through a safer and less risky way. In the case of In Vitro Fertilization, the fertilization of the egg and the sperm occurs in a laboratory, and the intervention of the Fallopian tubes is not necessary, because once the embryo is formed it is transferred directly to the uterus for its development and growth.

Advantages of having an In Vitro treatment

Adriel and Yetzel, children of María del Carmen – Ingenes babies

We tell you some of the most relevant advantages of having an In Vitro Fertilization treatment, so that you know the possibilities very well.

  • Possible complications of a surgery are avoided
  • The risk of an ectopic pregnancy is eliminated
  • A successful pregnancy can be achieved in a few weeks, whereas with tubal reversal it may be necessary to wait up to a year
  • Some types of ligation are not reversible by surgery
  • It is more likely to be successful if there are other conditions that cause infertility
  • When combined with methods, such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis, it can detect common genetic and chromosomal abnormalities in women over 35 years old
  • After achieving a pregnancy, it is not necessary for the woman to use contraceptives again

In Vitro Fertilization to the next level

At Ingenes, the leading Institute of Fertility and Genetics in Latin America, we take In Vitro Fertilization to the next level, because we create multicycle programs, where we offer you from 1 to 4 cycles to increase your chances of achieving a baby by up to 96%.

Today the impossible does not exist, and it is possible to reverse any decision if we decide to change our plans.

Tubal ligation is no longer an impediment if being a mom becomes your dream. Approach the specialists and let yourself be helped.

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