8 de August, 2022

Firm decisions and safe steps: Initial Program

There could be a lot of reasons for not being able to conceive, because infertility does not have only one cause of origin, but several. Precision is required to determine a diagnosis, because if we do not know what is keeping you from getting pregnant, it will be impossible to find the solution to that problem ☝️.

Assisted Reproduction treatments are directly related to the causes of the fertility problem, meaning, an accurate diagnosis is necessary to be able to identify the Assisted Reproduction treatment that will help you get pregnant.

At Ingenes our consultations will give you more than enough time to solve all your doubts and questions (They usually last up to 1hr and 30 min) 👌. From the first appointment, we do a careful examination to know your medical history, determine the cause and find the best solution for you to have your baby at home.

Getting to know you 👨‍⚕️

An expert in Assisted Reproduction will be the one who takes care of your case from the beginning, they will guide you from the start to find the cause that is keeping you from getting pregnant.

In this first step, you will be able to tell the doctor if you have been through previous treatments, how long you have been looking to have a baby and if there is a history of infertility in your family or your partner’s, if that is the case.

Initial Program 🩺

The Initial Program is your first appointment at Ingenes: where this road begins. 

During this step, the goal is to do a detailed examination through an interview carried out by the doctor to know everything about your medical history, and different tests will be performed for you and your partner (if it applies), in order to have, at the end of this first visit, an accurate, reliable and appropriate diagnosis of the cause preventing your pregnancy, and the best treatment to follow.

Initial Fertility Tests 🧪

The tests that are performed to know the cause of your infertility are individual and/or for couples:

  • Transvaginal ultrasound: It is a simple and painless procedure, and can be done on any day of the patient’s cycle (even if you’re on your period). This allows the specialists to evaluate your reproductive system and dismiss abnormalities in the uterus, ovaries and Fallopian tubes.
  • Embryo transfer test: This test is painless and takes only a few minutes. A thin tube is inserted through the cervix to see if it has any obstructions that must be corrected before proceeding with any treatment.
  • Seminogram (men): With this test the quality of the man’s sperm is evaluated through certain parameters, such as: sperm concentration, pH, mobility, morphology, volume and color.

Each test is focused on evaluating different aspects of your reproductive system in order to know the best treatment for you 👶.

Each test is focused on evaluating all the parts to achieve the best result and have your baby 👶.

The first step to have your baby at home

The Initial Program is the first stop on the road to your dream. We know that some dreams have a long road ahead, but at Ingenes that road is an adventure. The journey begins at the branch of Ingenes US of your choice, then you will make an important stop in Mexico 🇲🇽 and then return to the US 🇺🇸 to have your baby 👶.

Get to know the road you are about to experience and find out each step of the way so you can feel confident that you are making the right decision.

Discover the best treatment for you at Ingenes

Our mission is to help you make an informed decision about your reproductive health, we'll create a fully personalized treatment for you, and make your dream come true.
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