What is an Implantation Score test (SI)?

There are factors that participate in the ability of an embryo to implant, these factors are genetic and metabolic, which are determinant for implantation in the uterus

At Ingenes we have developed a unique non-invasive genetic test, called the Implantation Score (SI), which allows us to analyze these factors to determine egg quality and select the best embryos for transfer, increasing the probability of having a baby.

What is the purpose of this test?

The Implantation Score test's purpose is to calculate and predict an embryo's implantation potential, with an accuracy of up to 85%, which is much higher than the use of traditional embryo selection systems.

By performing an Implantation Score test in conjunction with Preimplantation Genetic Testing for aneuploidies (PGT-A) accuracy rates rise up to 92%.

This tool allows us to reduce the physical and emotional stress associated with implantation failure, which may happen due to poor egg quality.

What are the benefits of this test?

Helping your doctors select the best viable embryos can reduce the number of embryos transferred into the uterus during the procedure. By using the Implantation Score, we can identify the embryos with the best potential for implantation based on their metabolic-genetic development progress, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Who is this test intended for?

• Women over the age of 38.
• Women with a low or poor quality ovarian reserve
• Women with implantation failures or who have suffered multiple miscarriages.
• Patients who haven't achieved pregnancy even after optimal embryos have been transferred.

How does our Implantation Score test work?

This analysis focuses on a specific set of genes that allows our Molecular Biology experts to predict and evaluate the implantation potential of the embryo, in order to select the most favorable embryos for transfer.
This procedure is carried out at our IVF laboratory by an Assisted Reproduction specialized Biologist, who selects the ovules with the highest quality for analysis.
This technique starts with oocyte retrieval and requires the collection of the cells that surround the egg, known as cumulus cells. This procedure does not interfere with the oocyte's development.
Once the eggs are fertilized, our experts at the IVF lab can select the embryos with the highest potential for analysis.
Genetic analysis is then carried out with consideration of each patient's specific characteristics, to select the best embryos for transfer.

Leave your baby's health in expert hands!

The Implantation Score (IS) is a is an exclusive technique developed by Ingenes, which has been created by our team of genetic specialists as a safe and effective option.

Learn more about our research team, dedicated to academic teaching and product development in reproductive sciences at Ingenes, in partnership with prominent researchers from Cinvestav-IPN.

Get the added peace of mind you need with our Implantation Score test

The Implantation Score Test (SI) is a one-of-a-kind study only available at Ingenes, developed by our team of genetics specialists, as a safe and effective method.
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