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"I have a retroverted uterus, and I had my baby at 39"

Clara has a retroverted uterus, a condition that is very common in women and can sometimes make it difficult for them to conceive. Find out more about her story and how she became a mother to her little Pedro when she was over 39 years old.

What is the retroverted uterus?

Retroverted uterus, retroverted uterus or inverted uterus is a condition in which the woman's womb or uterus lies inside the body in a different way than it should normally be, leaning backwards instead of forwards, so common that 1 in 5 women experience it.

This condition may exist from birth, or it may develop later, as in some women of advanced reproductive age, due to weakening of the pelvic ligaments at the time of menopause.

Scar tissue or pelvic adhesions can also cause the uterus to remain in a retroverted position, which often occur due to:

  • Endometriosis
  • Infections in the uterus or fallopian tubes
  • Pelvic surgeries

"Overcome your fears, the best is just through that door"

"I have a retroverted uterus, an inverted uterus; that is, my womb is in a different position than it should be, a position that is not ideal for conceiving a baby.

My husband and I tried very hard before we came here, and when we arrived, I was already 39 years old. On the day of my first consultation it was explained to me that, as time goes by, fertility decreases, and that after the age of 35 it becomes more difficult to get pregnant.

Clara, her husband and newborn Pedro - Ingenes Family

It was very hard to know that my age was such a determining factor, I thought about everything I did instead of having my baby; and don't get me wrong, I don't regret the decisions I made in my life and everything I wanted to achieve but, perhaps, I would have started this path much earlier.

After the gynaecological check-up, after considering the issue of my retroverted uterus, my tests and my husband's tests, our doctors said: 'We can help you'. I told my husband, if we wanted to have a baby, if we wanted to have our child we had to do everything and go through every step, consider all the alternatives and do whatever it takes to have him.

We decided on a multi-cycle treatment with 4 In Vitro Fertilizations and started the whole process, ovarian stimulation with hormones and everything. Going through an Assisted Reproduction program is exhausting, physically and mentally, but you have to find the strength, the will and the desire to do it.

Newborn Pedro - Ingenes baby
Pedro with mommy - Ingenes baby
Pedro laughing - Ingenes baby

When I had my egg retrieval and after the fertilization, I asked my doctors how many embryos there were. Afterwards I was thinking: 'Did it work, are they growing?' I was very afraid that something wouldn't go the way it should.

"My retroverted uterus was not an impediment to becoming a mom"

The day of our transfer I was a bundle of nerves, I didn't even want to go in, there was so much uncertainty, but my husband reassured me, he was my trunk as he was throughout the treatment, and he told me: 'Many times things in the body depend on the mind, Clara, repeat after me: I am a strong woman and I come from a generation of strong, fertile women, who had healthy and happy children, and I will have them too'.

He made me feel like the strongest woman in the world, and when I walked in, I was going in like I was a Super Power Girl. They put my little embryos in, and well, it was all about waiting. It might or might not work, but me, I tell you what? I already knew I was pregnant.

Pedro taking a nap with daddy - Ingenes Family

I am one of those people who think that God's timing is perfect, that's me, I also believe that things happen when they should happen and that everything in this world is for a reason... And on my first try it fell!

One of the happiest moments of my whole life was when I saw the dots in the amniotic fluid, when I saw it in myself for the first time.

"Pedro, I would do it all over again to meet you"

Then we kept going to our appointments to see how he was forming, and when it was time, I was told that his little lungs were perfect, he was ready to be born, and I was ready to meet him too!

Pedro taking his first steps - Ingenes baby
Pedro playing at the kitchen - Ingenes baby
Pedro with his toys - Ingenes baby

On October 4, 2019 we were in the hospital, and at 5:00 am my baby was born. My husband was there, he saw everything, the doctors worked a little bit to get him out because he was clinging to my tummy, to his first little house, when I heard him cry it was beautiful.

Peter was born perfect, he was skin to skin with me when he came out, that was it and now we belong together, we belong to each other. Try, please try, give it one more try here, one more try, if you can't have a baby try everything, overcome all your fears, you can do it too!

My son Pedro is already walking, time goes by so fast with him, he does everything, the world is his! He is only 14 months old, but he is already a whirlwind. Now I have a person who depends 100% on me, everything I do, every thought is for him.

When my son is older and can understand everything he had to go through to be here today, I will tell him that no matter how hard it was and how much it cost me in every way, I would do it a thousand times, I would go through everything a million times over, for anything, just to meet him."

Pedro smiling - Ingenes baby
Pedro and mommy - Ingenes family
Pedro looking at mommy - Ingenes baby

You're over 35 and want to be a mom but haven't managed it yet?

If you too are over 35 and have decided that you want to experience motherhood, you can do so no matter what your previous attempts have been; whether you have a retroverted uterus, like Clara, or you don't know exactly what your reproductive health conditions are.

At Ingenes we have an Initial Program for all women who, like you, want to become mothers and are willing to do everything to achieve it. A program that focuses on identifying the causes that have prevented you from achieving that dream before, and drawing up a personalized Assisted Reproduction treatment plan, carried out by a team of expert embryologists, andrologists, gynecologists with a subspecialty in Reproductive Biology and psychotherapists, among others.

This is the path that will lead you to your little star. Join us here and we will help you fulfill your dream of becoming a mom.

Discover the best treatment for you at Ingenes

Our mission is to help you make an informed decision about your reproductive health, we'll create a fully personalized treatment for you, and make your dream come true.
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