12 de April, 2022

"Egg donation helped me to become a mom after 35"

Having a baby through egg donation is not a simple decision; therefore, you must have accurate information and take the time to analyze this along with your desires for motherhood. That's why we share below the story of Lorena who due to her low ovarian reserve, turned to egg donation to have her baby; in her words: "The best decision I could have made in my life."

Egg donation, the path to fulfilling your dream

Like Assisted Reproduction, egg donation has many taboos around it, but this is more than an alternative, another step for you to fulfill your dream of becoming a mother. Some people may think that using another woman's egg means the embryo being gestated will not be their child, but this is not true.

That baby will be in your womb, you will nourish them, they will have your nutrients, your blood will flow through the umbilical cord that connects you, they will develop thanks to you, and above all, from the moment they implant in your uterus, you will transmit all the love you already have for them since they were just a thought. All of this will form that unique bond between a mother and her child, a baby that will be 100% yours forever.

"I wouldn't change anything at all to have her"

Isabela, Lorena's daughter - Ingenes baby

"Being a mom is difficult, but I wouldn't change anything about what I went through just to have her. It took me a long time to decide to have a baby because I was focused on work, and when I faced this world of infertility, I encountered many obstacles.

In the first clinic, they told me that I had very few eggs and they only retrieved three, which were fertilized and implanted in me. My test came out positive, but 10 days after receiving it, I had bleeding. I was advised to rest, but a week later I lost those embryos. I waited a couple of months and went back for my next appointment, where they told me they had no idea what had happened. It was devastating.

My family recommended that I seek a second opinion, so I went to the Institute at their Mexico City branch. They gave me the same diagnosis of low ovarian reserve, in addition to the issue of my age, and recommended a multi-cycle In Vitro Fertilization program using the ICSI technique, which was not included in the previous clinic I had visited in Puebla. It also included the egg and sperm bank, which is what convinced me to do it here.

A second chance

Isabela in her birthday - Ingenes baby

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We started the treatment, but I wasn't ovulating, so they proposed the option of using a donated egg... It was very difficult to hear at first. I talked to my husband about it and asked the doctor if the donor could have traits similar to his. I wanted to be a mom, it's my baby, she was in my womb, and yes, it was complicated, but she is completely my daughter. Being a mom is a very difficult job, life changes completely, but there are no people more determined to be moms than those of us who face infertility issues.

She is what I wanted the most in the world, but of course, being a mom is a complicated job. Babies don't speak, you don't know why they cry, they want to eat in the middle of the night, and then you have to wake up early to go to the office, but today Isabela is almost 2 years old and I wouldn't change anything at all to have her. I don't regret the tears, the effort, or everything I had to go through, I would do it again without a doubt because she is the most important thing in my life.

Isabela and her parents - Ingenes Family

Egg donation, being a mother after 35 is possible!

If you want to have a baby but have not been successful yet, we want to let you know that at Ingenes we have an Initial Program for all women who want to experience motherhood after the age of 35 and are willing to do everything to achieve it. 

A program that focuses on identifying the causes that are stopping you from achieving your dream of becoming a mother and creating a personalized treatment plan, carried out by a team of expert embryologists, andrologists, gynecologists with a subspecialty in Reproductive Biology, and psychotherapists, among others.

Rest assured that this is the path that will lead you to your star. Get in touch with us here and we will help you fulfill the dream of having your baby.

Discover the best treatment for you at Ingenes

Our mission is to help you make an informed decision about your reproductive health, we'll create a fully personalized treatment for you, and make your dream come true.
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