14 de February, 2023

"I wanted a baby and through an IVF treatment, life sent me 2 diamonds"

Cisne wanted to be a single mother and have a pregnancy with IVF, but it wasn't until after the age of 35 that she had her two babies. She tells you here how she felt the need to experience motherhood and the process of assisted reproduction she went through to achieve it in her fourth cycle, even though she was living with polycystic ovary disease.

"After 35, life gave me 2 little diamonds"

"I wanted a baby and on my 4th In Vitro Fertilization life sent me 2 diamonds. The moment I was finally able to hold them in my arms, I thanked them for fighting so hard to be with me.

Going through an assisted reproduction treatment and a pregnancy with IVF is not easy, you have to be strong. Women are educated to be mothers, and many of us want to fulfill this desire, but we are not told about the difficulties we may encounter .

Cisne at her baby shower - Ingenes mom

I studied, worked, went out and enjoyed my youth very much, I was very fortunate and I always did everything I wanted, I wanted to fulfil myself professionally, to have a happy and fulfilling life before getting married or having children, but there came a time when this need was born in me, because it was not a desire, it was an almost instinctive need to be a mother that I can't explain, a longing to become a mother.

At the age of 33 I thought I had achieved enough in my life and that it was time to have my babies. I went to a fertility clinic where I was told that I had polycystic ovary disease and that I would never be able to have a baby... At what point did this happen? I couldn't believe my ears, it tore me apart.

You go to the doctor with hope, you never think they can tell you something like that, and I believed him. It wasn't until a year later that my parents took me to the Institute, and here they told me that, despite what I had, I could get pregnant. I don't know if the other gynaecologist I saw before didn't have enough knowledge, I still think about why he would have told me that.

Anthar and Ghalen holding hands - Ingenes babies

"My first IVF didn't work and that woman of stone that I was, fell apart"

It was not easy, I must tell you, in my first IVF I gained almost 25 kilos, the hormones, the medications and everything made me very sensitive, but my illusion of being a mother was much bigger than that. Unfortunately that first cycle was negative.

That woman of stone that I was fell apart, there's no way to prepare for that. How did I manage to get back on my feet? The support of my mum and dad helped me a lot, they gave me strength.

Cisne and her family celebrating the first 2 months of their babies - Ingenes family

My 4th and last cycle, a successful IVF pregnancy

We went through the second, third and up to my fourth IVF cycle, at which point I was much more cautious. With each new attempt I improved my diet, my weight, the time to take the medication, and that's when life sent them to me.

My pregnancy was one of extreme care, sleeping and sleeping, but during all those 9 months I talked to them, and they talked back! I kept telling them everything, I even spoke to them by name, they moved, one more than the other, and I can swear to you that they still have the same personality. One was walking around and his little brother was quiet on the other side of my tummy.

Cisne and Anthar - Ingenes family

In spite of that, I swear that their little kicks didn't bother me at all, when it was time to sleep I told them, and they were very quiet.

The day they were born, their bags broke prematurely, and I had to have an emergency caesarean section, I was so afraid that everything I had done would be ruined in a second, but fortunately everything went perfectly.

I went from having an IVF pregnancy to having my babies in my last cycle. I had my babies, my 2 precious diamonds! First I heard Anthar cry and a minute later Ghalen came out. The moment I finally got to hold them in my arms I thanked them for staying with me.

Cisne, Anthar and Ghalen on their first Christmas - Ingenes family

They are my little diamonds, do you know why? Because a diamond is made with effort, with warmth, with a lot of time. I'm their mom and dad, and we are a perfect family. They are my dream come true, they're intelligent, talkative and dreamy. They will always be loved and I will always fight for them and for them.

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