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Should I see a Gynecologist or a Fertility Specialist?

Gynecologists are not fertility specialists. Many people who have problems having a baby often go immediately to their primary care gynecologist for treatment; however, this is not ideal and may even be counterproductive because these types of doctors do not have the training, knowledge, or experience in specific reproductive issues such as Assisted Reproduction, unlike a fertility specialist. 

Seeing an OB/GYN may be the first step, but only doctors with training and extensive experience in the subspecialty of Reproductive Biology have all the necessary knowledge in reproductive health to provide you with successful treatment, and to help you achieve pregnancy in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, it is expected that obstetricians and gynecologists refer their patients to reproductive biologists, medical professionals who have the full picture and all the factors that come together for a pregnancy to occur and be brought to term, bringing a new baby into the lives of aspiring parents!  

However, we understand that sometimes this patient referral does not usually occur, so before deciding to undergo any fertility treatment, surgery, or procedure to find a baby, we recommend that you consult a physician specializing in Reproductive Biology.
You may be interested in meeting our team of specialists in Assisted Reproduction.

Human reproduction biologists evaluating a patient's case at Ingenes

Differences between a Gynecologist and a Human Reproductive Biologist

Gynecologists are trained to evaluate fertility at an early stage, at a point where people attempting to conceive haven’t surpassed the 12-month mark (which for women over the age of 35 would be 6 months) of practicing unprotected sex without achieving or being able to bring to term a pregnancy.

In addition, sometimes an accurate diagnosis won’t be provided by a gynecologist for the simple reason that they are not equipped or qualified to screen for all the possible factors that may contribute to pregnancy failure, nor have access to all Assisted Reproduction methods available. It is also important to mention that gynecologists and many fertility clinics in which they work do not usually have the necessary facilities to carry out these techniques, such as In Vitro Fertilization Laboratories and internationally certified molecular analysis laboratories.

Fertility specialists: physicians and reproductive biologists

biologists reproduction

Additionally, human reproductive specialists and biologists, besides being obstetricians and gynecologists, are also fertility specialists, who even have one or several other subspecialties, such as Reproductive Endocrinology, which approach hormonal treatments that are involved in a woman's healthy ovulation process. This means that all their dedication and experience are devoted to solving the issues of reproductive health.

However, in order to achieve successful treatments, reproductive biologists need to work in a dedicated fertility center, what should you expect to find at these facilities? 

In addition to having a team of other experienced specialists in various scientific disciplines such as Embryology, Andrology, Psychology, and Nutrition, among others, to attain the highest chances of helping families bring a baby of their own home.

 What should you expect from a  consultation with a fertility specialist at Ingenes?

During the first face-to-face consultation, which is part of our Initial Program, the Reproductive Biology specialist who will lead your case will discuss your motherhood wishes and your lifestyle and medical history, they will also perform any necessary medical screening to determine the causes that might be preventing you from having your baby. Based on the analysis results, they will provide you with a pre-diagnosis, and then recommend a tailored treatment to help you achieve a baby in the least possible amount of time, a comprehensive explanation of every step and procedure will be provided at each step of your journey.

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