29 de December, 2022

Ingenes Leon: Bringing dreams to life at the Mexican lowlands

On December 13th of 2021, the Ingenes Leon, Guanajuato branch opened its doors, located in the lowland area, known as "El Bajío" of Mexico, this expansion has allowed us to reach and help even more people, by fulfilling their dreams of parenthood. 

 Dr. Giovanni López, the Medical Director for this branch, is an assisted reproduction specialist.

Dr. López began his professional career at the Universidad del Bosque in Bogota, Colombia, where he later completed his specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics. 

With extensive experience and leadership, he then completed his studies with a master's degree in Endocrinology and Gynecology and Infertility at Ingenes Institute in conjunction with the University of Sonora.

 “In order to successfully help a patient, we must get to know them on a personal level”

Dr. Lopez meeting one of the babies he has helped bring into the world

For Dr. Giovanni, collaborating and caring for patients at Ingenes, involves helping people from every corner of Mexico and all around the world create a family. This has been possible thanks to the chance we have had to expand into new terriories and the willingness to dedicate himself, his time, knowledge, and efforts to building this space from scratch. 

"You open the door, you turn on the lights. and tell the team: Welcome, this is our workplace, this is our dream and we're going to do everything we can to help the people who are coming to us achieve their dream. We will do anything it takes to make our patients feel at ease." 

Dr. Lopez says

To have this branch up and runnig for the patients from Leon, the relocation of Dr. Lopez from Colombia to Mexico was required. As well as his constant supervision; from ensuring all surgical supplies are stocked to the medical care of patients, by being available at all times. 

"This first year has been a learning experience, in every aspect; medical, personal, administrative, and financial. This has been a year in which we have broken paradigms. You start to prioritize, and make decisions that in the end have provided me with experience and growth as a Medical Director."

Dr. Lopez adds

"I work with a team of people who are not afraid of breaking paradigms"

Pictured: some of the Ingenes Leon branch staff members

The Ingenes León branch team is conformed by Viridiana Martínez, who, with her charisma and dedication, is in charge of the administrative area. On the other hand, Viridiana Tejeda is in charge of the reception and cashier area.

Karla Rivera and Claudia Reséndiz are consultants, while Thalía Frausto serves as a MA (Medical Assistant).

César Rocha is a dedicated technician for the laboratory and Dr. Fernanda Trejo also collaborates from the Querétaro branch. Each of them plays a key part in the chain of efforts that allows us to help patients from all of Mexico and around the globe bring their dreams to life.

Dr. Lopez meets two of the many babies he has helped bring into the world

From his experience, Dr. Giovanni Lópe shares with us:

"Struggling to have babies is a topic that is not easy to talk about. You don't talk about it with family members, cousins, or friends. You don't talk about it. It is so intimate that a lot of times you don't have anyone to share with, and in the consultation, having that space, those 5 emotional minutes to understand the patients, changes us and changes their lives because they express what they feel. They can speak freely about their fears, they let go of their insecurities and everything they have been keeping to themselves. It becomes a moment of vulnerability with the purpose of finding a solution ."

Dr. Lopez meets a baby he helped bring into the world

"It is okay to dream, it is okay to try and it is okay to do what you want to do. I believe that all patients have the opportunity to try whatever they are willing to do. But the most important thing is that the decisions they make, they make them based on what gives them the peace of mind to achieve the dream they have always waited for."

Dr. Lopez mentions

Ingenes Leon's Medical leader shares the struggles of his own personal experience battling with infertility, something which in turn, provided him with a greater outlook, understanding and empathy towards his daily endeavours:

"I have experienced infertility from three different stages in my life: While single, married and now as a father, and they are very different visions. Every major personal decision I made, impacted my professional life too."

"Now, as a father, to see what the patients suffer, I also experienced it as a husband. I lived through my wife's pregnancy, which was ectopic, and also an 8-week miscarriage. Living through these situations in my life, they have made me understand what my patients have gone through and that gives me the courage to tell them: yes, you can do it."

"My wife and I were already in our 40s. We found ourselves talking about age, risks, and possibilities and we got to experience it all first-hand. It's about understanding what they really need so we can help them. That's the key to fulfilling the patient's dream."

Says Dr. Lopez

If you too, wish to fulfill your dream of parenthood and for any reason, haven't accomplished it yet, visit Ingenes, our teams of highly specialized dedicated staff await you with open arms, at Ingenes, we look for a solution to every problem, and our commitment allows us to help parents, and succeed even in the most complex cases!

Visit Ingenes Leon, in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico

Opening Hours

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Avenida Paseo del Moral #502, Planta Baja Sur, Colonia Jardines del Moral, C. P. 37160, León , Guanajuato.


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