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Getting pregnant after 35?

There is no such thing as an ideal age to become a mother, that moment should be whenever you choose to, and thanks to the advances in science and Assisted Reproductive technology, the biological clock is no longer an impediment to getting pregnant after the age of 35, or even later.

Dr. Claudia Castillo, Medical Director of Ingenes Mexico City, a fertility expert, shares her opinion regarding motherhood after the age of 35 and the path that this life decision entails.

The dream of getting pregnant after 35 is possible

Silvia, Ingenes’ mom

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Times change and plans do too, things that might have been of interest before, perhaps are not any longer, and it has nothing to do with someone or something disappointing us, it's just that things simply change. Taste, activities, work, routine. Change is constant, and we are not exempt from it.

Sometimes society forces us to believe certain things, to perceive them as a mandate or a regulation with no other way around, but luckily, that is also changing, it is losing strength and impact. Notions like this are slowly losing value, these arguments are nothing new, but we have slowly realized that all of this contributes to the infamous "social pressure on motherhood" being rooted in nothing more than ignorance, a series of uncomfortable comments, without foundation, generally made by people who fail to recognize that everything changes.

Fernanda, Ingenes’ mom

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They have limited themselves by accepting the belief that life is about worrying all the time about our next steps. Studying, working, thinking about the family, when in reality these plans might change, we might even repeat some steps, cancel, or modify our plans, we all have the right to change our minds, whether it is about our path, opinions, perspectives, plans, or simply, taking the next step in a new direction.

Change brings with it different circumstances, it brings evolution, and its main motive is to respond to needs and desires that some time ago faded or vanished, perhaps because they no longer align with who we are, or because we might have been under the impression that we have no chance of realizing our dreams, but despite the huge "social pressure" today everything is changing.

Women change, motherhood too, and society must get with the times


having-a-baby-at-35-woman-over-35-years-old-with-her-husband-on-the-day-of-delivery-carrying-her- daughter-born-via-in-vitro-fertilization
Lorena, Ingenes’ mom

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I could list different examples of situations that have been changing, but I think it is enough to take a look around. What I would like to highlight are the changes that women have gone through, because today everything has changed for us.

These changes have granted us greater freedom, it is now easy to state what we want to be in life, how we want to live it, and even how we want to be remembered. We own our time, our next steps, our decisions, desires, and dreams, such as being a mother, which has come a long way from being an "obligation" to an option, and even with the ease of deciding when and how.

Although fertility indeed wanes after 35, due to the fact that the quality and quantity of ovules reduces considerably, becoming a barrier that prevents a spontaneous pregnancy, it is also true that the change has brought the possibility of extending the time limit of the biological clock of women to take that step when they want it and not when others dictate it. Allowing people to accomplish their plans without sacrifices, and that this is not something that should be "frowned upon" at all ”, for example, deciding to get pregnant after 35 years of age or even later.

Assisted Reproduction, the science of creating life

Betzabé, Ingenes’ mom

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Assisted Reproductive technologies have made a big difference for women in the 21st century because it has granted them the power to choose in regards to their fertility, this decision lies in the hands of women, where it belongs, and not in those of society, to become mothers when they feel prepared, physically, emotionally and why not, also financially.

Having a baby is a really big decision, it is a huge responsibility, and what better than being prepared for it when it comes; only time can give us preparation and experience to be ready.

Inés, Ingenes’ mom

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At Ingenes, we provide the option of egg preservation, a process to extract eggs before the age of 35 and preserve them at their peak quality to favor future fertilization, whenever you are ready.

In addition to the In Vitro Fertilization treatments, which facilitate the fertilization of ovules in a laboratory, once the embryos are formed, they are transferred into the uterus. We perfected this technique, in order to increase the chances for women to experience motherhood, offering treatments that range from 1 to 4 cycles to achieve pregnancy and become mothers.

It is not about changing facts, but learning about new alternatives and ways to achieve the dream for women who want to get pregnant after 35, 40, or 50; to release this 'pressure' that has nothing to do with our decisions, and make it more evident that times change.

Many people may continue to resist, and others may simply not accept it, but being a mother after 35 is a common occurrence nowadays.

Dra. Claudia Castillo 

Medical Director at Ingenes Institute in Mexico City 

Professional ID: 8693147

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