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Reproductive rights and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

In this article, you will learn about what Human Rights support the possibility to create a family and the fact to access Assisted Reproductive Technology treatments is also a right that you can exercise whenever you choose to

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a document elaborated by the United Nations in 1948 to promote peace, freedom, and justice for all people. 

Article 16 says: 

“Men and women of legal age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to form a family.”

In that way, it is stated that everyone of legal age, whenever they decide to, can form a family; which leads us to the acknowledgment of reproductive and sexual rights. 

A few of them include: 

  • Right to exercise sexuality independently of reproduction
  • Right to have a sexual life free from discrimination, pressure, or violence
  • Right to sexual education 
  • Right to access high-quality healthcare and medical services
Staff from the Merida branch with a happy Ingenes family

Reproductive Rights and Assisted Reproductive Technology

Nowadays, thanks to medical and technological advances, reproduction is possible without the need of intercourse. There are new Assisted Reproduction techniques used by qualified experts. 

That has brought new possibilities for all people. The benefits are for both people with fertility issues and home parental families, single mothers, and women that have postponed their maternity. 

Some Assisted Reproduction techniques that have helped to achieve the dream of starting a family are 

  • Artificial insemination: low complexity treatment where semen is placed with a catheter inside the uterus. The semen sample can be from the male partner of a donor. It is recommended for women under 35. 
  • In Vitro Fertilization: high complexity treatment with the highest success rates. It is a set of procedures where the egg and the sperm are united in the laboratory. It is recommended for patients over 35. 
  • ROPA method: treatment for women couples that want to have a baby from both. It is the embryo formed by the egg from the woman that will be introduced inside her partner's uterus. 
  • Fertility preservation: it is the storage and freezing of the eggs or sperms to keep the fertility potential for the moment that the patient desire. 
  • Sex selection: a technique to identify the sex of the embryo through a biopsy and genomic test. 
  • Prenatal Genetic Testing: test in which experts analyze the genetic material that comes from the fetus and circulates in the mother's blood during pregnancy to identify any genetic or chromosome anomaly

Fertility treatments and procedures are key for women and men from every nationality, and race, or sexual preference to freely exercise their Reproductive Rights and access to Assisted Reproductive Technology. 

Building a family of your own is a reproductive right

Testimonials from parents who achieved their dream with Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Alba, 48, doctor by profession, is a woman who decided to start a family. Ángela and Daniela are her babies, who were born thanks to Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Read her story here.

Alba and her girls

Marilú and Karla, aged 43 and 30, through the ROPA method, decided to share their maternity and bring Camilo into the world. If you wish to hear about their successful journey, read their story here.

Marilú and Karla with their baby, Camilo

María del Carmen and her husband were 50 and 58, and also she had a tubal ligation when they made the decision to have a baby. They had a lovely surprise when doctors told them they were going to haved twins. Click here to read about how this happened.

María and her husband with their baby

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