Ropa Method

The ROPA (Reception of Oocytes from the Partner) method is a variant of IVF, allows a couple formed by two women to share the process of In vitro fertilization in a active way, where one of them is the genetic mother who provided the egg and the other is the biological mother who carries the pregnancy.

When is indicated?

Same sex female couples who wish to share motherhood, either by own choice or by medical reasons concerning one of the partners such as:

  • Absence of own oocytes
  • Ovarian dysfunction
  • Risk of hereditary transmission of any disease
  • Risk of genetic abnormalities

Ovarian stimulation and puncture of woman who donates the eggs


The woman contributing with her oocytes will undergo the same process as a conventional IVF treatment. Ovarian stimulation takes palace at home for 10-12 days. Doctor decides the best time for extracting the eggs by ultrasound and hormonal analysis.

Fertilization and embryo culture


Eggs are fertilized by a sample from a sperm donor, ensuring physical similarity with the woman who will receive the eggs.  Then the eggs are fertilized, and generated embryos are selected until the day of their transfer.

Endometrium preparation and Embryo transfer


Partner who will receive the embryos undergo hormonal treatment to prepare her uterus to implant the embryo in a couple of days.

The highest quality embryo is selected to be inserted vaginally into the uterus of the receiver, and after two weeks a B-test is taken to confirm pregnancy.