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Your Star at Home 1 Multicycle Program

Learn about everything that’s included in our comprehensive plan to fulfill your dream of having a baby.

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What is a Your Star at Home 1 program?

Your Star at Home 1 plan is a multicycle fertility program. We include one treatment of in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the necessary number of embryo transfers, which correspond to the number of viable embryos we could get at the Ingenes Mexico.

This comprehensive program and our complete services include:

1 cycle of in vitro fertilization
• Transfers for all your viable embryos (does not apply with donated eggs or sperm)
•  Personalized monitoring by Embryology expert
•  All IVF techniques necessary to achieve the cycles (ICSI, PICIS, conventional IVF)
•  Sperm and egg bank access
•  Embryo preparation
•  Assisted hatching (useful in promoting embryo adhesion)
•  Ultrasounds and necessary medical tests
•  1 year of embryo freezing (does not apply with donated eggs or sperm)
• 1 pregnancy test per cycle
• 1 gestational visit after achieving pregnancy

What makes us the most qualified specialists to fulfill your dream?

More than 35,000 babies brought home

More than 15 years of experience 

Experts in reproductive biology

Doctors and nurses with specialized experience

Certified fertility labs

Equipment and facilities with NASA technology

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What is the medical process involved in the Your Star at Home program?

  • Evaluation & Diagnosis Program

    Your reproduction expert will diagnose the causes impacting your fertility (1-2 appointments at Ingenes McAllen, Texas).

  • Ovarian Stimulation

    Ovarian stimulation

    Receive personalized treatment to promote your egg production (up to 12 days at Ingenes McAllen, Texas).

  • Ovarian Puncture

    Ovarian puncture

    We extract your eggs through an ambulatory technique of insertion and aspiration (1 day in Mexico at the Ingenes branch of your choice).

  • Fertilization


    We unite your eggs with previously selected sperm (1 day in Mexico at the Ingenes branch of your choice).

  • Embryo Culture

    We identify your optimal embryos and store them in special incubators (up to 6 days in Mexico at the Ingenes branch of your choice).

  • Image Card One

    Embryo Transfer

    We place the embryos in your uterus through a painless, highly controlled process (up to 2 days in Mexico at the Ingenes branch of your choice).

Bring Your Tiny Star Home

Join the many moms and dads who have fulfilled their ultimate dream through Your Star at Home 1 comprehensive plan

  • Guadalupe


    "You think your case is unique, but there are so many stories, a whole world of people experiencing the same struggles — that helps. The second they told me: 'Congratulations, you’re pregnant!' I couldn't even speak. At 6 months, I had a real belly forming... I was so happy! When he was born, I gave him a kiss and 48 hours after they gave him to me, he clung to me and wouldn’t let go... he was attached to me from the very beginning."

  • Berenice


    "Throughout my pregnancy, I felt uncertain; I had minimal nausea, everything was going well, I was growing — but I was afraid. However, my husband was there and took great care of me... When Ivana was born, it felt like a dream, like it wasn't real... until I saw her. In the operating room, there’s a lamp that looks like a mirror; through the reflection, I saw her crying for the first time. They put her on my chest to cut the cord and I felt her warmth; that's when I knew she was real."

  • Angelica


    "I had polycystic ovary syndrome and fluid in my tubes, so we did IVF to have a better chance. The day of the transfer went great, they introduced me to my little embryo, they played music and told me to talk to her… When she was born, my husband passed her to me and seeing her was the most beautiful moment of my life. But seven months after having her, I told my husband: ‘We’re going to have another blessing.” I took a test and sure enough! Today, Yaretzi is 9 years old and Sebastian is 7."

Frequently asked questions about infertility

We have selected common questions from everyday experience with intended parents

How is the In Vitro Fertilization Process like?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a highly complex treatment, which involves the union of your egg and sperm in a laboratory under strict processes to ensure specific conditions that emulate those of your body, and involves a series of steps and preparations necessary for your specialist to guarantee the highest possible success rate:

1. Ovarian Stimulation.
2. Ovarian Puncture.
3. Fertilization.
4. Embryo Culture.
5. Embryos Transfer.

How does an In Vitro Fertilization cycle at Ingenes incorporate Your Star at Home plans?

Your Star at a Home plans are multi-cycle fertility programs that give our clients greater opportunities to become mothers or fathers with the least economic, physical, mental, and emotional wear.

All our individualized treatments include a comprehensive service with:
• Up to 4 cycles of In Vitro Fertilization or 1 artificial insemination.
• Sperm and egg bank.
• Assisted hatching (useful in promoting embryo adhesion).
• All IVF techniques are necessary to achieve the cycles (ICSI, PICIS, conventional IVF).
• 1 pregnancy test per cycle.
• 1 gestational visit once your pregnancy is achieved.
• Emotional and psychological support.
• Personalized follow-up.

What is the process while requesting a refund with 50% and 100% coverage of Your Star at Home?

Once Your Star at Home program with Coverage 50 or 100 has concluded, and you have exhausted all the possibilities, you must contact your executive, who will request your personal information to start your refund process.

The refund percentage of your investment corresponds with:
• Coverage 100: 100% refund guarantee.
• Coverage 50: 50% refund guarantee. 

NB: Remember, in order to carry out this process properly, it is of utmost importance that you take into consideration consult all the services described in your Service Agreement. Thank you!

What is the difference between Your Star at Home 1, 2, 3 and 4?

Each of the programs that we offer at Ingenes is designed specifically for each patient; they take into account the patient's Insignia Diagnosis and the decision they make with their specialist doctor's constant support and guidance. Together with the specialist doctor, the patient will decide the best treatment together.

The difference between different Your Star at Home plans lies in the number of cycles or In Vitro Fertilization treatments, the percentage of probability of seeing your family grow with a baby at home, and the option of carrying out your treatment with your own eggs or through a donation.

NB: If you need more information, please go to the specific Your Star at Home section on this website. Thank you.

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