Programmed intercourse 

As you know, ovulation is a fundamental factor to increase the probability of having a pregnancy, therefore this kind of technique is suggested to couples who have not achieved a pregnancy after a few months of trying.
Maybe is common to hear comments from friends or people about this topic, but you know what is this about?

What is programmed intercourse?

Fertility problems are very common, this condition affects many couples trying to conceive, and although there are different causes, it may be due to ovulation so timing of intercourse could be a solution for them.
This is about scheduling ovulation with intercourse to increase the chances of a pregnancy.

A technique that must be supervised by a specialist

A technique that requires a key moment

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For whom is this technique ideal?

A woman is fertile from about five days before she ovulates until 24 hours after ovulation has ocurred, therefore, the egg has only that time to be fencundaded by the sperm.

So for all the women under 32, who want to increase their chances of conception, this technique can improve considerably that possibility.

This technique could be for couples who have tried to get pregnant for a long time

As well as couples who don’t have an infertility diagnosis, yet

At Ingenes we have different assisted reproduction options so that you can choose the one that fits your needs.
If you are trying to have a baby, without success after several attempts, let us help you achieve the dream of having Your Star at Home, there are alternatives and answers for infertility problems.

What is the procedure for this alternative?

If you and your partner haven’t already confirmed infertility issues, then, through blood tests and ultrasounds and specialists help you can create a plan to take control of your ovulation. A simple programmed intercourse may requiere:

  • Blood tests

  • Ovarian Stimulation


  • Ovarian Puncture

    Ovarian stimulation

This technique is based on taking control of the ovulation and sexual relationships, meaning, synchronize them to have better chances to get pregnant. For a pregnancy it is necessary the sperm fertilizes the egg to have an embryo, the egg is released through ovulation, and for that reason your body must be prepared to do it during intercourse. Sometimes medication could be necessary to take control of the ovulation, and at Ingenes we have specialists to offer you the best follow up.

In which programs is this treatment used?

Programmed Intercourse treatment is included in our Star At Home A program, one of our low complexity programs to achieve your pregnancy.
Come to Ingenes, we’ll help you have Your Star at Home.

  • Our fertility specialists (reproductive biologists) have extended experience in gynecology, embryology and complex fertility treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

  • We are the only NASA technology laboratory that can assist all types of fertility treatments. Reaching the perfect embryonic temperature, with non-vibrational tables for precision and a double contaminants filtration.

  • We increase pregnancy chances by getting to know from the first visit which of the over 30 causes of infertility each patient might experience.

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¿Para quien es ideal este tratamiento?

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