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18 years changing the lives of aspiring parents

Ingenes Institute of Fertility and Genetics opened its doors in 2005 in Mexico to transform the lives of millions of people by helping them bring a baby into their families. Today we have expanded into the United States, providing high-quality Assisted Reproduction services, and offering the highest success rate in Latin America, even with the most complex cases.

Assisted Reproduction is accessible to anyone who wishes to have children


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Assisted Reproduction treatments have become the main alternative to achieving a baby, not only for people with infertility problems but also for same-sex female couples and even women who wish to become mothers by themselves.

Scientific breakthroughs in the fields of fertility and assisted reproductive technology have come a long way, allowing thousands of people to achieve their dream of bringing a baby into their lives, however, in the past, fertility clinics and specialized institutions offered these services for exorbitantly high prices.

Today these treatments are accessible to millions of people, and Ingenes has been an important part of this paradigm shift, being the Institute to performs the largest number of In Vitro Fertilization procedures in all of Latin America, successfully attending to reproductive health problems, and succeeding even in the most complex cases.

Dr. Claudia Castillo at Ingenes Mexico city branch

“We must put an end to taboos around infertility, it is necessary to talk about this subject without fear, so that accurate information reaches everyone; and more people benefit from all the Assisted Reproduction alternatives that exist today”.

Dra. Claudia Castillo, medical specialist in Assisted Reproduction and medical leader at Ingenes Mexico City.

50 thousand babies in 18 years and counting…

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During the last 18 years, we have helped deliver more than 60,000 babies into the world, thanks to the extensive experience of our more than 85 fertility experts, and an equal number of multidisciplinary professionals working in different areas, such as Andrology, Embryology, Nursing, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Psychology, and more.

The experience and empathy of each member of our team differentiate us from any other institute or clinic on the market, we are the best alternative for these types of treatments in Mexico and the United States, guaranteeing up to 96% chances of success with our Multicycle plans, and creating personalized programs according to the reproductive health and wishes of each patient.

Dr. Martín Rivera at Ingenes Guadalajara branch

“As doctors we must give them tools, encourage them, let them know that we are not giving up on them. We get so involved with our patients that we live each stage of their pregnancy as a member of their family, they make us part of it”.

Dr. Martín Rivera, medical specialist in Assisted Reproduction and medical leader at Ingenes Guadalajara.

In Vitro Fertilization, multiple cycles to reach your goal


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Assisted Reproduction treatments still require a significant investment, especially those of high complexity such as In Vitro Fertilization, that is why our programs offer reduced costs, Ingenes possesses its own Molecular Research and IVF Laboratories, performing every procedure and test within our own institute.

Dr. Miguel Jaimes at Ingenes Merida branch

“Many people do not have access to adequate sexual education, which can lead to prejudices, social pressure and sometimes even doctors may provide inaccurate diagnoses. Not every patient requires an In Vitro Fertilization, some patients will achieve their goal with a simple insemination. We must share all relevant knowledge to empower and guide people."

Dr. Miguel Jaimes, medical specialist in Assisted Reproduction and medical leader at Ingenes Mérida.

This contributes to lowering the costs for treatments carried out in our branches in the United States since patients can begin their treatment at Ingenes McAllen, Ingenes San Diego, Ingenes Houston, or Ingenes Orange County; and finish the treatment at a branch of their choice in Mexico, at our facilities with the highest quality standards.

Our Multicycle In Vitro Fertilization plans offers up to a 96% chance of achieving your baby since we carry out from 1 to 4 different IVF cycles, which is up to consideration by standards of each body's reactions and adaptation through an Assisted Reproduction treatment.

Different types of families with a common dream


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Today, we have helped bring more than 50,0000 stars to illuminate the lives of all kinds of families, proving that the most important thing when it comes to bringing a new life into this world is really all about welcoming them into a loving home.

“Our purpose is to make a difference in this world by helping people achieve the greatest transformation of their lives with the arrival of a baby, a life force that changes everything around them. The center of the world is our family, not the individual. Having a baby transforms you, and family is a great motivation to change the world, an opportunity to make it better, it grants us the chance of bringing out the best of ourselves”.

Dr. Felipe Camargo, General Director and Founder of Instituto Ingenes

Today, fertility services and treatments not only benefit people with problems conceiving, but they also benefit same-sex couples, single women; and all kinds of people who want to grow their families.

This is why we have specific programs to help realize the dreams of motherhood and fatherhood respectively, as each aspiring parent envisions it:

How far has science taken us? Gender selection and prenatal testing to rule out anomalies

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Advances in reproductive science have realized things that previously seemed impossible, such as choosing the sex of your baby, and analyzing the number of chromosomes in embryos:

1. Choosing whether you want to have a boy or a girl is possible today with Eligender: our technique allows you to have a baby of the desired sex with 99% effectiveness, this in case the patient is interested in selecting the sex or if their medical history includes any disease genetics linked to sex chromosomes.

2. Pre-implantation Genetic Test to avoid genomic abnormalities: to minimize the chances of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome or Turner Syndrome, we offer a non-invasive test that allows us to identify those embryos that present alterations, and rule them out of implantation in IVF treatments.

Fertility preservation

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Having a baby should be a conscious decision, chosen out of love, not out of social pressure or anxiety about the time running out, and today this is a reality.

For many people, having a child may not be part of their current life plans, depending on which stage of life they find themselves in, this doesn't mean they're not allowed to change their minds, to allow themselves to accomplish their dreams first, however, we understand that making the choice of becoming a parent usually conveys a sense of pressure over the tick of the biological clock, particularly for women.

Dr. Miguel Garza at Ingenes Merida branch

"Becoming a father has been the best experience of my life and that is what I tell my patients: 'Think of the happiest moment of your life, of the person you love the most in the whole world.' That is how it feels to have a child, I am aware that being a father or mother is not for everyone, and of course it is not an easy path, but whoever decides to do so will have the most wonderful experience”.

Dr. Miguel Garza, medical specialist in Assisted Reproduction and medical leader at Ingenes Merida.

This is due to the fact that, after the age of 35, women's fertility, specifically their ovarian reserve begins to wane, along with the quality of their ovules, which might pose a problem to achieve conception after that age.


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However, Assisted Reproduction nowadays has alternatives so that women up to the age of 52 can become mothers; and those women under 35 who decide to put plans of motherhood on pause, can take a breath and freeze time, by freezing their eggs.

Fertility preservation is usually chosen by people who have been diagnosed with diseases whose treatment can affect their reproductive health, such as cancer treatments, but its uses go much further, allowing women to make a punctual decision of when to begin their motherhood.

Dr. Carlos Briones at Ingenes Morelia branch

“We see more than just cells, we create life. As biologists, embryologists and doctors we are aware of everything that is entailed, all that it takes to form a baby, that's what makes us passionate about this work.”

Dr. Carlos Briones, medical specialist in Assisted Reproduction and medical leader at Ingenes Morelia.

After 18 years of successfully serving the largest number of people in all of Latin America, with accessible fertility treatments that transform lives and entire families, we remain true to our mission, helping people experience the joy of becoming parents.

Today we are part of thousands of stories of love, resilience, and tireless efforts to provide aspiring parents with a new purpose, bringing a baby into their lives, we firmly believe that this way, we can help our world become a better place.

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Our mission is to help you make an informed decision about your reproductive health, we'll create a fully personalized treatment for you, and make your dream come true.
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